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College of Information and Communications

Integrated Communication

If you are looking to advance your career, this program will teach you the strategic process of coordinating all communications for an organization, including advertising, public relations, promotions and marketing. 

Degree Requirements

Our students complete 12 classes for a total of 36 hours, divided into three parts. To complete the M.M.C. program students will also complete a practicum and written and oral exams.

1. The core 18 hours:

  • Research Methods in Mass Communication
  • Integrated Communication Principles
  • Media Law
  • Issues in Mass Communication Management
  • New Technologies and the Mass Media
  • Practicum in Mass Communication Management (working with an organization or agency in their chosen field.)

2. Four courses in directed electives (for 12 hours):

  • Integrated Communication Strategies
  • Integrated Communication Campaigns
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Relations Management or Advertising Management

3. Two courses of elective credits (for six hours) to be chosen from:

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Planning
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Communications
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Product and Branding Policies
  • Customer Relationship Management and Data Mining
  • Internet Marketing
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Organization Behavior or Organizational Communication

Other electives also can be chosen if approved by advisors.

4. Written and oral exams:

  • A five-hour written exam based on the core classes.
  • A second-day written exam based on the elective hours and practicum experience.
  • An oral defense of the second-day written exam.