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College of Information and Communications

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Jeffrey S. Williams

Title: Instructor
Department: School of Journalism and Mass Communications
College of Information and Communications
Phone: 803-777-6827
Fax: 803-777-4103
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
800 Sumter Street, Room 125
Columbia, SC 29208

Jeff Williams: Teaching and Creative
Brand Spells:Advertising and Content Creation



BFA, University of Memphis
MFA, University of Florida


Mr. Jeffrey Williams prefers to skate the line that divides fine art and commercial art. While his teaching focus is on the creative side of advertising, you will often hear him speak about fine art, film, or photography projects he is creating. His professional experience in the world of creative advertising is flush with over 12 years as co-owner of a successful production studio for national and local clients. Mr. Williams is one of those rare creatives that can cross from creative to business very easily.


Williams is focused on teaching creative courses, software, and strategic communication. He believes creative courses are conducive to a learning-centric style, which revolves around less traditional forms of lecturing. He believes this approach is best for fostering teamwork, developing critical thinking skills and generating opportunities for risk taking during the creative process.


See fine art exhibitions:

Still Photographer
Brown, Isaac. 2012 "Terra Blight"

Director of Photography and Producer
Hoffman, Dustin. 2016 "Touching In Texas"

Director of Photography and Producer
Hinojosa, Ramon. 2017 "PTSD and Family Reintegration"

Director of Photography and Producer
Habib, Sabrina. 2017 "Well Done"


Williams works with a variety of local businesses and non-profit organizations through his advertising courses.


Mr. Williams is the co-owner of a small ad agency called Brand Spells in Fort Mill, SC.