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Areas of Interest

Health Sciences Information Services in Health Care & Research Environments

Suggested Program of Study

The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) has developed a program of study for students who are interested in "Health Sciences Information Services in Health Care and Research Environments." The coursework covers principles associated with health sciences librarianship, health information resources, and health informatics, as well as theory-into-practice approaches to providing critical health-related information services in various types of health information environments. In addition, the curriculum covers current trends in using information technology to support health care and health-related research. This program of study covers all the SLIS program core competencies with a special focus on Provision of Information Services, Leadership and Management, and Technology.

In addition to the successful completion of the 36-credit program of study, students will provide evidence that they have met the SLIS program core competencies by submitting a satisfactory portfolio that serves as the capstone experience for the MLIS degree.

Course Title Prerequisites Credits
 701* Introduction to Library and Information Studies
(Required in the first semester of enrollment)
None 3
 703 Introduction to Information Sources and Services None 3
705* Introduction to Research in Library and Information Science 9 hours 3
706* Introduction to Information Technologies None 3
707* Information Organization and Retrieval 701 3
724  Special Libraries 724- none 3
726 Knowledge Management for Library and Information Professionals 726 none 3
747 Science and Technology Information Services 747- 703 & 707 3
743 Health Information Retrieval in Electronic Environments None 3
749 Health Sciences Information Resources None 3
775 Practicum in Organizing and Managing Web Resources None 3
794 Internship 701, 705, 707 & permission


* MLIS course requirements: SLIS 701, 705, 707 and 706 or Technology Competency Exam