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Internship Opportunities

As you prepare for life after college, an internship will help you build a resume that will allow you to be competitive in the job search process. We encourage all students to complete at least one internship before graduating. Below are opportunities for you to consider.

The list of internship opportunities is separated into the following categories:


Interested in working for a PR or Advertising agency after graduation? These opportunities may interest you.

Corporate Communications 

Like the idea of working for a business or an internal communications office? These opportunities will allow you to experience that atmosphere.

Media Organizations

Hoping to work in the media world one day? Gain experience with one of these opportunities.

Non Profits

Want to work for an organization that is mission-focused and community-based? Gain experience with one of our many local nonprofits.

Other Cities

Looking for an opportunity outside of Columbia for a summer experience? Look here for a few to consider.

Sports and Athletics

Have a dream to work in sports one day? Our Gamecocks and other local sports teams are happy to help you gain experience.

State Agencies

Looking for experience on campus or with a local government organization? Look here for opportunities.