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Use these checklists to help make the registration a breeze.

Pre-Advisement – what to do before I go and see my advisor

  • Check Your Registration Status - Access the Registration Checklist in Self Service Carolina (SSC) to view your time ticket and review your academic standing.
  • Review Your Degree Progression - Check DegreeWorks to view your progress towards earning a degree.
  • Create a list – It is a good idea to create a list of questions or concerns that you may have about your curriculum plan to ask your advisor so you do not forget anything important. 
  • Check Your Student Account for Holds – Login to SSC to see if you have any holds on your accounts.  You will not be able to register until your account is in the clear.  Your advisor can only remove your academic advising hold.  It is up to you to take care of any additional holds you may have.  They may include:  Alcohol Edu, Haven, Bursar, Student Conduct, Immunization, etc.   


  • Meet with Your Academic Advisor – Make an appointment with your assigned academic advisor as early as possible.  You need to bring your Carolina Card to your appointment to swipe into our new registration system.
  • Complete pre-registration requirements -  Several courses have special preregistration procedures. For more information, visit these pages: The Carolina Agency (JOUR 537) and Publication Writing and Design (JOUR 534).
  • Check Your Advisement Hold – Confirm that it has been removed by reviewing the Registration Checklist in Self Service Carolina. If not, please contact your assigned academic advisor via email. 
  • Experiment with Schedule Planner - Experiment with schedule options before registration, note prerequisites and restrictions. This tool, located in the STUDENT section of Self Service Carolina, is a convenient way to create your class schedule. You can store your schedule in the Registration Cart until it's time for your time ticket.

Please note:  Schedule Planner does not recognize if a course in your cart is full.  It is up to you to verify your schedule.


  • Login to Self Service Carolina.
  • Navigate to the STUDENT section and then click on the REGISTRATION tab.
  • Choose the SCHEDULE PLANNER option and build your ideal schedule.
  • If you are interested in enrolling in a JOUR 499 – Special Topics course, there may be an additional registration step you need to complete before you can officially register for the course. More information is here »
  • Send your schedule to the Registration Cart and leave it there until your time ticket begins.
  • Once your time ticket begins, revisit Schedule Planner, confirm your class selections, and send your final selections to the Registration Cart.
  • Choose the SUBMIT option. You will then see a screen that shows which sections you successfully registered in. If you need to select additional classes, revisit Schedule Planner and select the classes you need. Repeat the process above until you have finalized your schedule.
  • View Student Detail Schedule - As a final step, review your schedule. This schedule layout will have the information you need to locate your textbooks on the University Bookstore website.

Registration Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing trouble registering for a class, consider these common registration hiccups.

Registration FAQs

Where did my advisor put the classes I was advised to take again?

Great question.  Here are the step by step directions you will need to find your advised courses:

1.      Login in to Self-Service Carolina (SSC).                                

2.      Click on the STUDENTS tab.                                                  

3.      Click on the DEGREE WORKS tab.

4.      Select your campus.

5.      Click on WORKSHEET (upper left corner).

6.      Scroll down to the bottom of your worksheet.

7.      Under the NOTES header, you will find the courses you have been advised to take in the upcoming semester(s) as well as other pertinent academic requirements. 

I need to get into a class and it is already full!  Help!

We understand your frustration.  Please understand that the SJMC Student Services Office will do everything in its power to help you get the courses that you need when you need them.  Please sign up for that course on the SJMC Student Services Waitlist when it becomes available.

It is important for you to understand that this waitlist is not automatic nor does it guarantee you that you will get into the course. 

What is an override?

An override is no longer an option for students wanting into a specific course once it is closed.  We will be monitoring our course capacity and open seats as needed per our wait list demand if we are able to. 

Why are seats limited?

Seats in our courses are limited because we must maintain both accreditation standards and fire code capacity.  Asking for permission from an instructor will no longer help you get a seat in a course.  Again, we ask that you put your name on the waitlist for course that you need and we will manage it from there. 

I am trying to sign up for a JOUR 499 – Special Topics course and it prompted me to complete some information.  What is that all about?

In order to better serve our students, we are implementing a new procedure for the registration of our JOUR 499 – Special Topics courses.  Please complete the information when prompted.  Our office will be checking the course information daily.  We will contact you via email if you meet the prerequisites for the course and provide you with the information you need to register as well as a deadline to complete registration.  Please understand that we reserve the right to assign your seat to another student if you do not respond to our communication. 

I was advised to take a fine art (AIU) course next semester by my advisor.  What classes can I take?  


ARTE 101: Introduction to Art

ARTE 260: Interdisciplinary Relationships in the Arts

ARTH 105: History of Western Art

ARTH 106: History of Western Art

ARTS 103: Fundamentals of Art

ARTS 104: 3Dimensional Design I

CLAS 220: Introduction to Classical Mythology

DANC 101: Dance Appreciation

FILM 110/MART 110: Media Culture

FILM 180: Film Culture

FILM 240: Introduction to Film and Media Studies

MART 110/FILM 110: Introduction to Media Arts

MART 210: Digital Media Arts Fundamentals

MUSC 110: Introduction to Music

MUSC 113: Special Topics in Popular Music

MUSC 140: Jazz and American Popular Music

THEA 170: Fundamentals of Acting

 THEA 181: Shakespeare in Performance

 THEA 200: Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre

My advisor told me to look at the JOUR elective worksheet.  What was that again?

The JOUR elective worksheet is updated each semester with course offerings.  It is meant to help student pick specific elective courses that meet the needs of their degree requirements. 

I cannot get into my non-JOUR course, who do I need to contact for help with this?

Typically, you cannot get into courses outside of your major during the first week of registration.  We highly encourage you to contact that particular student services office to find out when non-majors and minors will be allowed to register for the courses you need. Though we want to, the SJMC Student Services Office cannot help with non-JOUR courses – i.e. SPTE 202, MGMT 371, ENGL 282.