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Information for Undergraduate Students at the SJMC


Wait List

Need a class and it is full? Let us know by completing our online Wait List form. This will help us determine if additional sections of a course are needed. 


If you have already been advised and have a second appointment scheduled, please cancel your second appointment. We are trying to open up as many spots as we can. Schedule or cancel an appointment »


Thinking of doing a spring or summer internship and don’t know where to begin?? Then schedule an appointment with Beverly Dominick, career services director.

Information about current internship offerings can be found online at the Journalism Blog or  in printed flyers by the stairs on the first floor of the building. Here are just a few new internships listed on the Blog. 

  • Social media and publications
    This on-campus paid internship will allow you to help launch a social media campaign, write news, create social media items and more.
  • Public affairs, advocacy, and ethnic politics
    The Arab American Institute has spring internships in the nation's capitol in communications, and government relations.