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Journalism and Mass Communications


Upper Level Broadcast Journalism Application 

If you plan to graduate with a degree in Electronic Journalism in 2016 or 2017 and HAVE NOT taken Jour 326/361 you will need to complete the application process for admission to the Electronic Journalism upper division. Please read the following information carefully. You MUST complete the online application and submit an essay in order to be admitted to  the Electronic Journalism upper division and be allowed to progress to Senior Semester.  Applications will be submitted on-line to Professor Holmes.

The USC undergraduate academic bulletin specifies:

Entrance into 300+ level skill courses in the electronic journalism sequence is competitive and is not guaranteed. Students must formally apply for permission to continue with the program before they intend to take JOUR 326/361. Applications are due March 1 and should be submitted online. Applications will NOT be accepted after established deadlines. Admission is based on strength of the student’s letter of interest and USC GPA. Students may also be asked to interview with a selection committee (members of which are selected by the sequence chair). Students who do not meet established requirements may reapply the following semester.

Please refer to the  University Bulletin at the  following site for more informationIf you have questions, please contact Art Farlowe at or call (803) 777-8528 or Prof. Cecile Holmes at

The online application is not available as the deadline to apply for Fall semester was March 1.


FERPA Release

To allow a professor or the staff of Student Services to release your academic information to the person of your choice.

Please return the printed and signed form to the Student Services Office, Room 118, 800 Sumter Street.

Download (pdf). 


Petition Form

To request exceptions to School, College, or University policy. Please return the printed and signed form to the Student Services Office, Room 118, 800 Sumter Street. Download (pdf).