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Internship Information for Employers

Obligations of Employer

Under the terms of our agreement, employers are expected to provide a student intern with work that merits the awarding of three hours of upper-division academic credit in the area of their major. You also are to designate a single individual to be that student’s supervisor and only that supervisor should assign work to the intern, whether directly or through another employee.

If a supervisor is absent from the office on the day an intern is scheduled to work, arrangements should be made to provide work for the intern on that day.

Students are expected to learn on the job by discussing work procedures with employees, by performing professional tasks with appropriate supervision, by attending organization meetings, by working with clients or suppliers, and so forth. Any work that is considered "gopher" in nature is not acceptable. We realize, however, that occasionally such work may be necessary in order to meet a stringent deadline. However, we cannot accept work of this nature when it constitutes the bulk of what is assigned to the intern and will ask interns to report such situations as they happen. If the matter cannot be resolved, the internship will be terminated.

There is one other work-related issue that university attorneys have cautioned us about: student interns must not be running errands in their personal cars. If you must send them on errands, they should be driving a company car and must be covered by your organization’s insurance policy.

Finally, intern supervisors will be required to co-sign the intern’s goal statement, co-sign and provide written comments on progress reports, fill out a final evaluation form, and conduct an "exit" (final evaluation) interview with the intern. You can find these forms here.

Our fax number is 803-576-5656.