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Library and Information Science

Minor in Information Science

Information Science is the study of the cognitive, social, technological and organizational roles of information in all
its forms and rests on three foundations: content, people, and technology. That is, the substance of the information being created, communicated, stored, and/or transformed; the people who interact with this content; and the technology used to support content creation, communication, storage, or transformation.   

A student with a major in another field may choose to select a minor field of study in Information Science.  A minimum of 18 hours of SLIS courses, as described below, satisfies this minor requirement:

Minors are required to take: 

  • SLIS 201 Introduction to Information Science (3).
  • SLIS 202  Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology (3) Prerequisites:SLIS 201 or concurrent enrollment
  • SLIS 301 Information Storage and Retrieval (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 201 or concurrent enrollment.

Minors choose an additional nine (9) credits from the courses listed below (pre-requisites must be observed).

  • SLIS 310 Research Methods in Information Science (3). Prerequisites: SLIS 201, or STAT 201, or concurrent enrollment. 
  • SLIS 315 Information Policy (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 201. 
  • SLIS 402 Management within Information Environments (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 201 or concurrent enrollment. 
  • SLIS 410 Knowledge Management (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 301. 
  • SLIS 420 Communication and Information Transfer (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 201 or permission of instructor
  • SLIS 430 User-Centered Information Architecture (3). Prerequisite: SLIS 202
  • SLIS 435 Digital Information Infrastructure (3). Prerequisites: SLIS 301, 402. 
  • SLIS 440 Competitive Intelligence (3). Prerequisites: SLIS 201, 202, 301, 402. 
  • SLIS 480 Emerging Topics in Information Science (3). Prerequisites: SLIS 201, 202, 301, 402.