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Reading Rooster

The Reading Rooster has books to crow about and books to recommend. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for bi-monthly book recommendations, and check back for our Picks of the Week.

Who is the Reading Rooster?

Helen Fellers has been a librarian for more than 50 years, encouraging children and young adults to read, read, and read. One of her platforms for doing this is her trademarked Reading Rooster Recommends™ video series.

Reading Rooster is all about information, entertainment and inspiration.

  • Why information? Twice a month, Fellers shares on YouTube the best children's books that kids, teachers and parents can use. Many of these books are available at the South Carolina Center for Children's Books & Literacy where Fellers works as coordinator. 
  • Now comes the entertainment. Sometimes Fellers will play dress-up, donning masks, hats and scarves to illustrate the books she's recommending.  And there's always a rooster in the picture! He's the one crowing.
  • Fellers does all of this for one goal: To inspire children to read more each day. She even travels to preschools and reads to children during story time.