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College of Education

Educational Outreach

The Office of Educational Outreach administers and manages contract courses and degree programs offered by units of the University of South Carolina.

What is a Contract Course?

Contract courses are courses offered under an agreement between USC and an outside agency or between a USC academic unit and a USC funded project. These courses allow qualified students to enroll based on the needs of the agency or funded project.  Contract courses may also be part of degree programs offered under contract with an outside agency.

How can this office help me?

The Office’s staff members provide services to anyone involved with courses and programs where the tuition is funded by a contracting group. Our staff members will assist in contract development and approval for courses and degree programs. Once the contract is established we will also provide student services to ensure proper and efficient admission and registration. Lastly, OEO will carry out billing and transferal of revenue to the contracting unit. Our office members can meet with you to plan course or degree contracts, advise you on budgeting, suggest ideas for marketing, manage approvals, and ensure the success of a contract course or degree.