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Scholarships & Fellowships

As a student at the College of Education, the benefits go far beyond access to a world-class faculty, research opportunities and real-world experience early on in your degree program.

Because of the philanthropy of our caring alumni and friends, we offer multiple scholarships, grants, fellowships and other means of support to deserving students. We offer awards based on merit, need, degree of pursuit, being a member of an underrepresented group and other factors, giving our students opportunities to excel academically, impacting their future, career and the environment in which they will enter upon graduation.

Like most colleges and schools at the University of South Carolina, most of our scholarships are awarded to students who have been enrolled on campus for a few semesters and have demonstrated academic excellence. However, we do offer scholarships to prospective students.

We offer scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Freshman Scholarships

If you're an incoming freshman, you may qualify for this scholarships we offer:

The Sue Clark Scholarship Fund
The Sue Clark Scholarship Fund is offered to students interested in pursuing a degree in our Teacher Education Program. Students from Clarendon County are given preference with this scholarship, but if there are no qualified applicants from that county, it is awarded based on financial need.

Undergraduate Student Only Scholarships

There are multiple scholarships available to undergraduate students pursuing degrees at the College of Education. Most are based on area of study, including early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education and athletic training. Others are available to students who wish to teach a specific subject like French, art or science.

There are also opportunities for scholarships for students that are awarded based on other criteria. These include:

  • The ACCESS Community Fund I-95, which is awarded each year to an initial teacher certification candidate interested in doing their school placement work in a county along the I-95 corridor in South Carolina
  • The Alice G. Floyd Scholarship, which is awarded to a student wishing to study in France or who is seeking to become a French teacher
  • The Frank and Frankie McGuire Endowed Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to students enrolled in the CarolinaLIFE program and is based on financial need.

Undergraduate or Graduate Student Scholarships

The College of Education offers multiple scholarships to students based upon area of study that are available to either undergraduate or graduate students. Like undergraduate scholarships, we offer awards to students of early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education and subject areas such as art education.

There are also interesting opportunities for student awards based on other criteria. These scholarships include:

  • The Cecil-Self Scholarship, which is awarded to a student of elementary education who is in a minority group
  • The Dr. Patterson Wardlaw Memorial Fellowship, awarded to a student who exemplifies leadership, community service and academic excellence
  • The George Poda Jr. Memorial Scholarship, given to students who intend to become teachers, with a preference given to students who were teacher cadets in high school
  • The Montgomery Macmillan Memorial Fellowship, which is awarded to students who worked in a university union and are pursuing a career in student activities programming.

Graduate Student Only Scholarships

The College of Education's alumni and friends support the academic studies of our graduate-level students just as much as they do our undergraduate students. Multiple scholarships are available to graduate students based upon area or department of study, including education administration, educational leadership, elementary education, and higher education and student affairs.

Other scholarships are offered for students in special areas of study or with unique needs or career aspirations. These include:

  • The Carl Medlin Jr. Scholarship, awarded to a student who wishes to teach and work in the field of adult and community education
  • The Elizabeth Scruggs Scholarship in Romance Language Education, which supports students studying French, German or Spanish, with a preference given to former teacher cadets
  • The Frances Gibson Daniel Scholarship, which is awarded to a student planning to go into special education and teach emotionally handicapped children at the elementary level
  • The James A. Stoddard Memorial Fellowship, awarded to a student with financial need who demonstrates professional potential
  • The Lorin W. Anderson Award, presented to a student conducting research in the area of children and poverty.

The College of Education offers many more scholarships and fellowships that these listed above.

Please revisit this page after December 1, 2014 for complete details about opportunities for the 2015-2016 academic year and application information.