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College of Education

Office of Program Evaluation

The Office of Program Evaluation (OPE) is an independent unit of the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. We offer a wide range of education-related evaluation, assessment, and research services to public and private agencies, including educational institutions, government agencies, museums and other organizations. OPE faculty and staff work with teams of research assistants and affiliated University faculty to plan, develop, and carry out program evaluation, assessment, and research projects.

Our staff currently includes three research faculty members, administrative and research support staff, affiliated faculty from several University departments, and about a dozen research assistants. Our research assistants are graduate students, mostly advanced doctoral students, from a range of University departments and programs.

OPE evaluation and research teams strive to provide excellent services to our clients while enriching the educational experiences of the graduate students on our staff and advancing the service mission of the College of Education.

If you are developing a grant proposal, we are happy to help, especially regarding the evaluation and research design aspects. If you have received funding and need to identify an organization to provide evaluation or research services, contact us!