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College of Education

Office of Program Evaluation



The OPE extends services in research design and analysis. Research studies are developed to address the specific research questions of the client. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research are supported.

Quantitative methods include parametric, nonparametric, hierarchical, and structural statistical techniques. Qualitative services include focus groups, interviews, observations, and video and audio recording.


The OPE offers external evaluation services on a variety of federal, state, and foundation grant-funded projects. Data is collected through a variety of methods to monitor program implementation and assess outcomes of interest. OPE staff specialize in the design and analysis of surveys and rubrics, as well as interview, focus group, and observation methods. Quantitative and qualitative methods are used to triangulate the data.

For federal grant-funded projects, the OPE also offers assistance with proposal development and annual reporting to funding agencies. The OPE has evaluated projects funded under numerous federal programs including Reading First, Teacher Quality Partnership, State Improvement Grant, Enhanced Assessment Grant, General Supervision Enhancement Grant, and Teaching American History.


The OPE provides services in the area of assessment development and administration.Trained research staff in the OPE provide guidance on item writing and assessment design. Content area experts are utilized to develop items and ensure alignment to standards. Administration through online systems can be arranged in collaboration with the University Technology Services department at USC.

With funding from the South Carolina Department of Education and support of the arts education community, the OPE has developed the South Carolina Arts Assessment Program (SCAAP). This standards-based arts assessment has been administered annually to SC students since 2000. For more information about SCAAP, please visit their website.