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College of Education

Graduate Studies

Educational Psychology, Research & Foundations

Reflecting a "scientist-practitioner" model, our students receive state-of-the-art research training and scientific knowledge in human development, the science of learning and advanced quantitative and/or qualitative studies as well as research methodologies.

Educational Research, M.Ed.

This master's program is designed to provide students with research skills including the critical reading of research, the use of statistical techniques and the construction, selection and interpretation of cognitive tests. The curriculum includes core requirements that are part of the Ph.D. degree in educational psychology and research. Therefore, students with a baccalaureate degree who are interested in pursuing doctoral work in educational research are encouraged to enroll in this program. For more information, please review the academic bulletin.

Educational Psychology and Research, Ph.D.

This program offers two tracks. For additional details about the individual program curricula, please visit the academic bulletin.

  • Educational Psychology
    As a doctoral student in education psychology, you will develop an understanding of both the psychological factors that influence human learning and their relationship to the educational setting. This track is appropriate for qualified individuals who wish to teach and/or conduct research in the area of higher education as well as those who are responsible for classroom learning in other areas of education and industry. 
  • Educational Research
    This track will prepare you for positions in clinical practices, academia and consulting practices. Students develop core competencies in measurement and statistics, evaluating programs, designing research, constructing tests and using computer statistical packages to analyze data. Cognates are available in areas such as learning and cognition, teaching methods, human development and advanced quantitative techniques. If you have not already attained your master's degree, we encourage you to first enroll in our educational research M.Ed. program.

Foundations of Education, Ph.D.

The Doctoral Program in Foundations of Education is informed by comparative and international education, cultural studies, anthropology of education, history of education, philosophy of education, and sociology of education. The program offers substantive training in the field's relevant disciplines and their relationship to education, focusing on how each informs a comprehensive understanding of educational institutions and formal systems of education. In addition to coursework in educational foundations, doctoral students in the program have the opportunity to acquire an expansive social sciences and humanities education based on an individual program of study they craft with their advisor and doctoral committee. Faculty work closely with doctoral students to construct a program of study that supports a defined research path and that includes participation in regional, national, and international conferences. You can access additional details about the program and curriculum by visiting the academic bulletin.