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College of Education

Advanced Instruction (M.Ed., Ed.D. and Ph.D.)

Language and Literacy, M.Ed.

Requiring a minimum of 36 hours, the M.Ed. degree program is designed to meet the needs of South Carolina educators. The courses explore research-based practices and inquiry learning so that teachers can meet the needs of the state's diverse learners.

The Language and Literacy M.Ed. offers students the opportunity to obtain the degree with Interest in English Language Learners, or Interest in Language and Literacy Emphasis.

Graduates of the M.Ed. become knowledgeable decision-makers in classrooms, special reading teachers in schools and literacy leaders within school districts and other professional settings. Candidates can complete this degree as part-time or full-time students.

Application deadline

Applications will be accepted and reviewed semiannually. Deadlines for applications are Oct. 1 for spring semesters and March 1 for summer and fall semesters.

Admission requirements for The Graduate School

  • a baccalaureate degree (or the international equivalent) from an accredited college or university
  • standardized test scores (consult the program to which you are applying for particular test requirements)
  • official transcripts
  • two or more letters of recommendation
  • application
  • application fee
  • English proficiency requirement*
  • other supporting materials**

* An applicant whose native language is not English is required to submit a satisfactory score on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. For more information, please visit the International Applicants section on The Graduate School site.

** Many programs require personal statements, resumes, writing samples, audio files (recitals, auditions), art portfolios and/or licensure. Please consult your program for further requirements.

Program-specific admission requirements (in addition to above)

  • teacher certification or initial teaching degree
  • official transcripts showing bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • two positive letters of recommendation, preferably from former instructors, or past or present employers
  • letter of intent, which serves as a statement of the student's long-term professional goals related to the master's program course of study
  • satisfactory Graduate Record Examination or Miller Analogies Test scores:
    • Miller Analogies Test — preferred score of 380+
    • GRE — verbal: preferred score of 450+; quantitative: preferred score of 400+; total: preferred score of 850+
    • Only GRE and Miller Analogies Test scores will be considered in applying to the language and literacy program; no other standardized test scores will be considered as a substitute.

Special consideration by Letter of Petition procedure

Students who wish to seek full admission to the program but who have not fulfilled entrance criteria for full admission may submit a Letter of Petition to the language and literacy program coordinator. The Letter of Petition should specify in detail those special circumstances the student feels should be considered in his/her particular instance. Upon receipt of the Letter of Petition, the language and literacy program faculty will consider said petition. Results of this consideration will be reported to the student by letter.

For more information about program-specific degree requirements and course work, please visit the academic bulletin.