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College of Education

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Initial Instruction (M.T. and M.A.T.)

Chart a new path — and follow your passion.

Whether you are a current student who is pursuing your M.T. in Secondary Education or a career changer who is charting a new path through one of the M.A.T. degrees, these programs allow you to concentrate in areas that you're passionate about. And your passion is contagious, which is one of the greatest rewards in teaching: the ability to ignite the same passion in our students!

Secondary Education, M.T.

There is no undergraduate degree in secondary education, so to become a high school teacher, you must first pursue your bachelor's degree in English, mathematics, science or social studies through the College of Arts and Sciences. Your academic adviser will help structure your undergraduate curriculum to include classes that will also fulfill your M.T. requirements, including 12 prerequisite hours of core education courses. After you receive your undergraduate degree, you will apply to the M.T. program through The Graduate School.

Elementary Education, M.A.T.

The elementary education program is designed for students interested in teaching general education at the elementary level (up to grade 6). This is a great transitional program for aspiring educators who are making a career change or academic shift.

Physical Education, M.A.T.

The physical education M.A.T. allows prospective students to teach physical education at the secondary level. Students will master the core principles of physical education, exercise science and kinesiology with a pedagogical perspective to teach and/or coach.

Special Education, M.A.T.

The special education M.A.T. allows prospective students to teach student populations with learning disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities and severe and multiple disabilities.

M.A.T. Partner Programs

The College of Education partners with other colleges within the university to offer M.A.T. programs in numerous specialty areas. Art, English, foreign language, mathematics, science (biology), social studies and theatre education M.A.T. programs are administered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Music education is administered through the School of Music.