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College of Education

Initial Instruction (M.T. and M.A.T.)

M.A.T. Partner Programs

While elementary education, physical education and special education are offered through the College of Education, other areas of specialty are offered in partnership with other colleges, including:

Art Education

From fine arts to popular visual phenomena, the art education program will prepare you for teaching art and visual culture in a variety of settings that include K-12 classrooms, community art programs and museums.

English Education

Whether you have a passion for identifying parts of speech, you love explaining the difference between similes and metaphors or your drum beats to the iambic pentameter of Shakespearean plays, the M.A.T. program in English education will prepare you to teach a variety of writing, literature and communications skills.

Foreign Language Education

Foreign language education goes beyond the spoken word. It allows your students to explore cultures, literature and history from a new perspective. Concentrations in French, German and Spanish are available.


Math is everywhere in the world around us: from music and poetry to medicine and architecture. The M.A.T. degree will prepare you to apply mathematical reasoning, argumentation, proof and problem-solving to inform the teaching of secondary mathematics.

Music Education

Music is such a common and important outlet for many people. Graduates of this program will be prepared for careers in music education and may be required to fulfill prerequisites appropriate for their areas of concentration.

Science (Biology) Education

Ranging from TV dramas about forensics to the politics of global warming to advances in medicine, our young people are exposed to the excitement and importance of biology every single day. Learn how to engage your students in the biology that exists everywhere around them.

Social Studies

The social sciences include history, economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology and anthropology. This M.A.T. program will prepare you to teach all of these disciplines in the secondary education environment.

Theatre Education

Research demonstrates that youths who participate in theatre arts programs exhibit enhanced abilities in areas such as literacy, problem-solving, interpersonal interaction and self-confidence. Experience the benefits of theatre education with future generations.