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College of Education

Higher Education Administration: Degrees

As more and more people at all walks of life and socio-economic status are finding access to college-level education, the demand for highly-trained leaders with an understanding of the many types of people that they will serve can only increase. Our programs are designed to help you further develop the skills to be a competent, caring educational leader, whether you choose to work in the public or private sector.


Educational Administration, Ph.D.  

There are two areas of concentration in the Educational Administration Ph.D. program: PK-12 education administration, and higher education administration.  Each concentration prepares you for a different group of leadership positions- PK-12 administration consists of school superintendents and principals, administrators in school districts and government agencies, among others. Higher education administration includes university administrators, college faculty, and other related leadership roles. For more information about specific curriculum requirements, please visit the academic bulletin.