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College of Education

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Minor in Education

The best way to learn a subject is to approach it as if you had to explain it to someone who knew nothing at all about it. Understanding how learners might approach your area of expertise is a valuable addition to any skillset.

Are you considering branching out into teaching, coaching or counseling as it relates to your current major? Are you interested in building the foundation for a high-demand “fallback” option, in case your career plans shift unexpectedly?

Minoring in education is a great opportunity to learn about how people learn and interpret what they have been taught, as well as a chance for you to expand your horizons and see just what it is like to be a classroom teacher, counselor, or coach.

Your course work

Each of the minors operate differently from each other, but they all create a meaningful educational experience in under 20 hours, including field experiences in local communities just like the full education degree programs.

Your career

Adding an education minor can be a great boost to your ability to get hired; your experiences in education will give you an advantage when it comes to training or leading groups of people as opposed to those who only majored in your chosen subject area. In addition, depending on what you are currently working towards, you might be able to turn your bachelor's degree into a “5th-year degree,” and become certified as a middle school teacher after you complete your bachelor's degree.