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College of Education

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Undergraduate Studies

Teachers are leaders. We empower youth, we encourage growth, and we inspire change. The College of Education offers many different types of degrees and programs that prepare you with the training and experience you need to have a profound impact on the lives of your students.

Early Childhood Education, B.A.

You have always been drawn to caring for small children, and you're fascinated by their journey of discovery. Learn how to engage these young learners from ages birth through eight years old as an early childhood education professional.

Elementary Education, B.A. (on-campus program)

Elementary school is a time for children to learn the basic building blocks, establishing a foundation of knowledge upon which they can grow. If you are interested in a career as an elementary school teacher certified in grades two through six, this program is the right one for you.

Elementary Education, B.A. (Palmetto College — online)

Students with existing college credit may qualify to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Elementary Education through a Web-based learning experience. Innovative courses taught by USC Columbia College of Education faculty members will bring you world-class expertise and knowledge.

Middle Level Education, B.A./B.S.

Middle school represents an exciting turning point for young people, and a time for educators to make a lasting impact. As a student in our middle level education program, we will prepare you for certification in grades five through eight.

Physical Education, B.S.P.E.

This program is designed for undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina who are interested in a career as a physical education teacher. Students who successfully complete the degree requirements and have a positive recommendation by the faculty will be recommended for teacher certification in physical education at all levels (K-12).

Athletic Training, B.S.

Translate your passion for sports and your interest in something clinically based into becoming a certified athletic trainer through the Athletic Training Education Program at the University of South Carolina. Working with student-athletes will allow you to interact with young people and work alongside medical professionals.

Art, Music, Dance and Languages

There is a unique outlet that only art, dance, foreign languages, music and theater can provide. These disciplines stimulate the senses, and they enhance cognitive and physical skills such as literacy, memory, spatial relationships and understanding patterns. Not offered directly through the College of Education, certification programs in the areas of art education, dance education, foreign language education and music education are offered in partnership with other colleges on campus. For more information on the master's program requirements for theatre education, please refer to the teacher education graduate degree programs.