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Undergraduate Studies

Elementary Education

For you, being an elementary school teacher isn't just a career choice ... it's a calling.

What does a career in elementary education look like?

By the second grade, most students are well-adjusted to the standard school routine, so you will focus much of your time on finding ways of adding your own innovative twist on teaching core subjects such as math, English, science and social studies. With new advancements in classroom technology — paired with your creative spirit and energy — you are in a position to truly inspire! Outside the classroom, elementary education professionals can find great success in settings like zoos and museums, as tutors, in a variety of camp settings and with government organizations.

Program highlights

  • Our faculty, programs and clinical experiences all make the connection between theory, practice and research.
  • Clinical faculty members in these programs are exceptional and experienced teachers who are very grounded in practice.
  • Students are placed in school settings very early in their academic careers, often during their first or second semester.
  • Many of our methods courses in science and math are taught on-site at partner schools.
  • Many of our world-class faculty members have been recognized with awards from the National Council of Teachers of English and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Your course work

In addition to the core curriculum that you will likely complete during your first two years, your elementary education course work will also include reading assessment and literacy instruction, nature and management of elementary classrooms, and classes specific to teaching math, science, social studies and an integrated curriculum.

Many of the elementary education methods courses are offered in a wide variety of school settings including urban, suburban and rural schools. Your experience is capped off by student teaching, where it's time to apply what you've learned! For a complete list of courses, please review the academic bulletin.