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College of Engineering and Computing

2007 NSF REU Participants

2007 NSF-REU Participants

Summer Research Symposium

"Complex Metal Hydrides for Reversible Hydrogen StorageBenjamin Bangasser, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, mentored by Dr. James Ritter.

"Preparation of Bi-metallic Catalysts for Improved PEM Fuel Cell ActivityDave Borrelli, University of Rochester, mentored by Dr. John Van Zee.

"Kinetic Characterization of Multimetallic Catalysts Using an α,β-Unsaturated Aldehyde Probe ReactionAllison Cole, Iowa State University, mentored by Dr. Michael Amiridis.

"Methanol Crossover in a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: Effect of Cathode Loading, Temperature and Cell CompressionMichelle Congdon, Florida Institute of Technology, mentored by Dr. John Weidner.

"Rheology of Bulk Molding CompoundsKyle Heckel, University of Arizona, mentored by Dr. Francis Gadala-Maria.

"State of Charge in a Li-Ion BatteryJeanna Heink, University of Dayton, mentored by Dr. Ralph White.

"Dynamic Modeling of Algal Biomass Production Systems for Growth and Lipid Content Control and OptimizationChad Huelsman, University of Dayton, mentored by Dr. Edward Gatzke.

"Investigation of the Solubility of Sodium Metaborate at Various TemperaturesMike Mojica, University of Florida, mentored by Dr. Michael Matthews.

"The Effect of Calcium and Sodium Deposition on a PEMFCSteve Mouton, University of South Alabama, mentored by Dr. John Van Zee.

"Development of Environmentally Friendly Silica-Based Conversion Coatings for Zn-Ni Alloys" James O'Keefe, Vanderbilt University, mentored by Dr. Branko Popov.

"Biomimetic Nanocomposites for Bone RegenerationRocco Panella, Pennsylvania State University, mentored by Dr. Esmaiel Jabbari.

"Investigation of Liposome Effects on Aggregation of the Amyloid-β Peptide Involved in Alzheimer's DiseaseMeagan Stewart, North Carolina State University, mentored by Dr. Melissa Moss.

"Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide in ORR Over Low Loadings of Pt/C CatalystsRaja Swaidan, The Cooper Union, mentored by Dr. Branko Popov.

"Synthesis and Characterization of Dendrimer-Derived Palladium-Tin CatalystsSharon Vuong, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, mentored by Dr. Christopher Williams.