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College of Engineering and Computing

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2010 NSF-REU Participants

Summer Research Symposium

"Rheology of Extremely Concentrated SuspensionsLeAnne Brozovsky, North Carolina State University, mentored by Dr. Francis Gadala-Maria.

"Synthesis and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide-Supported Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction in PEMFC’sNicholas Cadirov, University of Massachusetts, mentored by Dr. Branko Popov.

"Lithium-Ion Battery Management Systems: Using the Unscented Kalman Filter for Online State and Parameter EstimationDominic Casali, Florida Institute of Technology, mentored by Dr. Edward Gatzke.

"Characterization of a Solid Supported Amine Adsorbent for CO2 CaptureNicholas Chisholm, University of Rochester, mentored by Dr. James Ritter.

"Characteristics of Silicon Anodes in Lithium Ion BatteriesKristen Dagenais, University of Maryland Baltimore County, mentored by Dr. Branko Popov.

"Theoretical Investigation of the Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Propanoic Acid to Propane over Pd13 ClustersGregory McCumber, Youngstown State University, mentored by Dr. Andreas Heyden.

"Synthesis and Characterization of Ru and Ru-Rh Catalysts for Ethanol Steam ReformingMax Mellmer, University of North Dakota, mentored by Dr. Michael Amiridis.

"Electrochemical Conversion of Graphene to Graphane: Towards Hydrogen Storage ApplicationsAkeem Obe, Louisiana Tech University, mentored by Dr. Christopher Williams.

"Quantifying the effect of migration on ammonia transport in PEM fuel cellsAllison Schuster, North Carolina State University, mentored by Dr. John Van Zee.

"Morphology and Supercapacitance of Manganese Oxide NanostructuresAshwin Shahani, Cornell University, mentored by Dr. Xiao-Dong Zhou.

"Catalyst Work on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and H2-Br2 Reversible Fuel CellLaura Wolters, Kansas State University, mentored by Dr. John Weidner.