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College of Engineering and Computing

Communications and Electromagnetics

Research Laboratories

Microwave Engineering Lab - Dr. Mohammod Ali

Our research is focused on conformal antennas, broadband metamaterials, conformal broadband pixelated reconfigurable antennas, conformal reconfigurable antennas, low cost phased arrays for portables/wearables, wireless power transfer and wireless sensing.

Signal Integrity Lab - Dr. Paul Huray & Dr. Yinchao Chen

Our research is related to the design and simulation of advanced high speed circuits, particularly those of use in the computer industry.  We use high speed oscilloscopes, vector network analyzers, and time delay reflectometers to validate simulations on printed circuit boards.  We also teach graduate students how to use the technology in analysis.

Smart Microwave & RF Technology Lab - Dr. Guoan Wang

Our research is conducted at the convergence of novel materials, nano and microwave technology. We study nano patterned ferromagnetic thin films and ferroelectric thin films to explore their novel properties in RF and microwave frequencies.

Wireless Science & Engineering Lab - Dr. David Matolak

Our research addresses wireless communication and signaling systems for an extensive range of applications, from satellite to aircraft to terrestrial to micro-networks within integrated circuits. Our focus is the physical and data link layers, with novel contributions to wireless channel modeling, waveform design and performance evaluation, and multiple access designs.