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College of Engineering and Computing

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Welcome to the Wireless Science and Engineering Lab

Our research includes understanding, evaluating, and designing various portions of wireless communication systems, primarily at the physical and data link layers of the communications protocol stack.  This includes modeling of the wireless channel itself (in multiple environments), modulation/demodulation, transmitter/receiver signal processing, multiple access, etc.


 July 2016

Our group received another grant from NASA, on beyond line-of-sight, aircraft to satellite communications.

January 2016

  Our group was awarded a grant supplement from NASA, on our project Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Research: The AG Channel, Robust Waveforms, and Aeronautical Network Simulations.

October 2015

  Presentation at IEEE MILCOM conference, Tampa, FL.

September 2015

Presentation at IEEE DASC conference, Prague, CZ. Dr. Matolak visited The German Aerospace Center for discussions of collaborations.

August 2015

  Our group, along with CSE Faculty,  has been awarded a NSF grant on South Carolina's wireless communication and airborne networking collaboratory.