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South Carolina Honors College

Habiba Fayyaz

Ask me about … undergraduate research, pre-med, the global health trip to Belize and community service!

I am from Columbia, SC, and I have lived in South Carolina for most of my life. I come from a family full of Gamecocks — my older sisters both graduated from USC and my brother is coming here this fall! I am majoring in biology, with minors in chemistry and neuroscience. I hope to attend medical school after college and possibly pursue a specialty in neurology.

My strength: Being able to adapt to new situations.

My weakness: Time management.

Something that motivates me: What motivates me is seeing others reach their goals because it inspires me to aim higher and know that it’s possible to achieve goals that seem a little lofty at times.

My hero: My personal hero, in addition to my mom, is Stephen Colbert. I love that he’s able to use comedy to make light of very serious situations. I also love how fearless he is with going into completely ridiculous situations just for the comedic effect. Plus, I watch way too much late night TV and his show is my absolute favorite!

Something I’m proud of: The relationships I've built in college.

My dream job: My dream job would be to work with Doctors Without Borders. I have always loved to travel and experience new places and cultures, but I also really want to engage directly with the communities in the countries I am in and learning about the hardships faced by those with limited access to basic needs, particularly health care. I also would like to use the skills and knowledge that I will hopefully gain as a doctor to help build sustainable health care practices in impoverished communities abroad and at home.

My escape: In an ideal world, I would love to escape to Belize. While on a spring break trip there with the Honors College, I got to visit so many incredible sites, including ancient Mayan ruins in Lamanai and an island called Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize. Realistically, my place to escape to would probably be Charleston, SC.

My current reading: Darks Places by Gillian Flynn.

In a movie about my life, the movie star who would play me would be: I would want Anna Kendrick to play me in a movie because she is incredibly funny.

My secret: I wish I were funny and confident enough to be a stand-up comedian. My planned jokes never seem to get the response that I would hope, and I am usually the one laughing at them.

Something I will always do: Try to make a joke in any situation, regardless of whether or not the time is appropriate.

Something I will never do: Be a professional athlete.

My advice to current students: Be proactive in learning about cool opportunities! There are so many great things to do out there, but a lot of the best ones need a little bit of research to find.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: Free printing and the small class sizes! I have loved getting to know professors through my smaller classes by speaking with them about their experiences and what advice they have for me.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I loved the idea of studying at a large and beautiful campus, while also getting the perks of a smaller community through the SCHC to help me navigate through all of the opportunities available to me.