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South Carolina Honors College

Rose Steptoe

Ask me about…my study abroad in France, cool Honors classes, English and undergraduate research!

I’m from Irmo, South Carolina, just about 20 minutes away from campus. I come from a USC-filled family, and my sister currently attends USC as well. I am an English major and a history minor. After my time in the SCHC, I plan to attend graduate school and work toward my Ph.D. with a focus on some sort of literature. With my degree, I hope to one day teach higher education.


My dream job: Although teaching is my ultimate goal, my dream job would be to work for NPR. I listen to NPR programming pretty much every day in my car and love everything about it from the news to the individual stories to the game shows. Plus, all of the reporters who work there seem like really passionate and great people.

My weakness: Stubbornness.

I am currently reading: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I love: The Harry Potter series. I one hundred percent credit JK Rowling for why I am an English major, because reading Harry Potter in the third grade made me fall in love with books. I also love ice cream. Sweet Cream in Columbia is my favorite ice cream store, and my favorite flavor they sell is sweet corn. I know, corn ice cream sounds disgusting, but it is actually so great and only available for about one month out of the year.

My hero: My personal hero is Leslie Knope (from “Parks and Recreation”). We both love waffles and are stubborn. She lets nothing stop her from achieving her goals even when the prospects are bleak. Plus, she’s hilarious.

My escape: When class isn’t in, my getaway location of choice is Holden Beach, NC. I try to go there every summer to read, swim and explore the marsh. If I could go anywhere, however, I would choose Edinburgh, Scotland. Although I have yet to visit, Scotland seems like an absolutely beautiful place and I love Scottish literature.

My life goal: One of my life goals is to visit all 58 U.S. National Parks. I love to spend as much time outside as humanly possible and I love to see wildlife. The world is so huge but it’s crazy to me how the landscape can vary so widely in just the United States. So far I have visited five National Parks and hope to visit a lot more soon.

My hobbies: I love to bake and to cook. Nothing is more satisfying than creating something, except for when you also get to eat that creation. I also like knit. Thanks to the “Philosophy and Knitting” class I took through the Honors College, I now have a fun, life-long skill, plus a way to make some pretty sweet Christmas gifts.

My favorite experience in the Honors College: My favorite experience in the Honors College (so far) has been my Maymester trip to Paris. The course was called “Delicious France,” and my small class got to spend ten days eating our way through Paris. Of course all of the amazing food was great (the cheese was my favorite), I also just loved learning about French culture and history. Studying abroad was an immersive way for me to understand both Paris and French culture better while also getting learn all about why cuisine is such a huge aspect of their lives. It was so enriching to me that I am definitely inspired to study abroad again.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I chose the SCHC for the sense of community it offered, so naturally my favorite thing about the Honors College is the great staff and student body — they are such an enthusiastic group of people. All of my friends in the Honors College are really passionate about what they are involved in and are just really great people. Plus, the staff I have interacted with go out of their way to make sure I’m prepared to achieve my goals and have all of the help I need.