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School of Law



Most students choose to visit the campus during their senior undergraduate year, but we welcome visitors anytime.

Attending a Class

Sitting in on a class is a great way to preview law school. Every law school student has the same courseload for the first year. In years two and three, you are free to explore areas of interest to you and design your own schedule.

When school is in session, several first-year classes are open for visitors to sit in on:


In this course, students are introduced to major concepts of property law, including the historical development of private property rights. The course will focus primarily upon the acquisition, characteristics, and transferability of property interests, as well as the relationship between privately held property interests in land and government regulation of that land for public purposes. Topics covered in the course will typically include adverse possession, estates, future interests, landlord tenant, easements, covenants, purchase & sale, deeds, and financing.

Civil Procedure

This course will provide an introduction and overview of the procedural steps in the prosecution and defense of civil cases in federal court. The course will focus on pleadings, joinder, discovery, summary judgment, trial and post-trial motions, preclusion doctrines, personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, removal, supplemental jurisdiction, venue, and Erie doctrine.

Constitutional Law

A study of the structure of the Federal Government, the function of the Supreme Court in constitutional government, and the provisions of the United States Constitution that guarantee and protect individual rights against governmental encroachment. Topics include judicial review, sources and limits of congressional power, presidential power, equal protection, substantive due process and identification of unenumerated fundamental rights, freedom of speech, and the religion clauses.


Guided Tours

We encourage all prospective students to take a guided tour, hosted by law school students who can answer questions about what to expect. Tours are available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays, reading days, and exam periods). Tours can be scheduled in conjunction with class visits or the two can be scheduled separately.

Visitor Parking

When your visit or tour is confirmed by the Admissions Office,  our staff will suggest the best parking arrangement available for visitors that day.


The law school can be found via GPS by using our address:

1525 Senate Street
Columbia, SC 29208


The USC website has more information on places to stay and things to do while you're here in Columbia.