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School of Law

Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts made to the University of South Carolina School of Law make a tremendous difference in the lives of law students. Thanks to your support, the School of Law can continue its tradition of delivering excellence while educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to our Dean’s Circle members who contributed $1,000 or more and to all of our donors whom donated during the academic year of July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. The University of South Carolina School of Law is grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who continue to support our talented students.

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing. If errors or omissions have occurred, we express our sincerest apologies. To correct our records, please contact Travis Tester by email or by phone at (803) 777-6618.

Dean's Circle ($1,000 or more)

Access Group Inc.

Gregory Adams

American Board of Trial Advocates

American College of Trial Lawyers               

Steven and Gail Anastasion

Joseph Anderson, Jr.     

James and Holly Atkins

David Aughtry

John and Kimberly Baden IV

David and Erin Bailey

D. Kenneth Baker

Barnes, Alford, Stork, & Johnson, LLP      

Benjamin Barnhill

Caroline Bartman

Colden and Patricia Battey, Jr.

Mark and Donna Bergeson

Joe and Charlotte Berry, Jr.

Cherie Blackburn

John Bleecker, Jr.

BNY Mellon Wealth Management

J. Robert and Cheryl Bolchoz, Jr.

Nancy Booco

Bouhan Falligant LLP      

Bowen, McKenzie & Bowen          

William and Erwin Boyd

Samuel and Jocelyn Boyd

James and Elizabeth Bradley

C. Mitchell and Cynthia Brown

Robert and Kathleen Brunson

Preston and Sarena Burch

James and Phyllis Burkhard

John and Katharine Butler

Timothy and Renee Cain

Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC  

John Campbell, Jr.

John Cardillo

Beverly  Carroll

Casey Family Programs  

Joby Castine

W. Rudolph & Helen Jacobs Carter Charitable Foundation

Marvin and Rita Caughman

George and Mary Cauthen

Central Carolina Community Foundation               

Chappell, Smith & Arden, P.A.    

Floyd and J. Michelle Childs

Coastal Community Foundation                 

Ronnie  Cole

Cole Law Firm    

Thomas and Margaret Cooper, Jr.

Edward Cottingham

Mary Cowden

John Crangle

J. Lewis and Carolyn Cromer

Timothy and Patricia Crowell

Christopher and Teri Daniels

Darnall W. and Susan F. Boyd Foundation, Inc.    

Richard and Melissa Day

Gus and Kimberly Dixon

The Doyle Carr & Judith Carr Foundation                

Dwight and Beth Drake

Meyer and Barbara Drucker

William and Betsy Duffey, Jr.

David and Karen Dukes

Brian Dumas

Lisa Eichhorn

Ted and Anne Ellefson

Robert and Judith Felix

Fidelity Charitable            

Timothy Fitzgibbon

Anita R. Floyd, Attorney at Law  

Lawrence and Anne Flynn, Jr.

Robert and Sarah Foster, Jr.

Deborah and Deborah Francis

John Frick

I. Allan From

Kevin Good

Tolbert and Mary Goolsby, Jr.

James and Carolyn Gray, Jr.

Katharine Haimbaugh

Mason and Michelle Hardy

Lloyd and Susan Hendricks

The Hobbs Foundation  

John and Ashley Hoefer

Michael and Michelle Hogue

P. Mason Hogue, Jr.

David Holler

Michael Hollingsworth II

Bruce Hood

Robert and Mary Hood

Robert and Ruth Horger

The Jaques Admiralty Law Firm, P.C.         

Jeffrey and Jennifer Allred Family Foundation, Inc.             

Herbert and Jane Johnson

Andrew and Patricia Johnson

Betsy Johnson

J. Mark Jones

Richard and Mimi Jones, Jr.

Kassel McVey, Attorneys At Law 

Craig and Maryann Killen

Young Kim

Marion and Catherine Knox, Jr.

KPMG Foundation            

Richard and Lisa Krauss

D. Larry and Melanie Kristinik III

John and Augusta Kuhn

John and Jill Kuppens

Joseph and Maria Kusa

Philip and Elizabeth Lacy

Stanford and Connie Lacy

Rebecca Laffitte

Lanneau and Nancy Lambert, Jr.

Robert Latshaw

Anita Lee

Lee, Erter, Wilson, Holler & Smith, LLC   

James and Donna Lehman

Ken Lester

Kenneth H. Lester LLC     

Leigh Leventis

Nick Leventis

Leigh J. Leventis, Attorney at Law               

Leventis & Ransom           

Leventis Development LLC            

Robert and Georgia Lewis

Robert B. Lewis Attorney at Law LLC         

Ross and Marie Lindsay III

Lindsay Family Trust        

Charles and Eva Lipman

Lance and Robin Lourie

Susan Lourie

Thomas and Cheryl Lydon III

Frank and Claire Manning, Jr.

John and Casey  Martin

Sylvia Matthews

Ronald and Bonnie Maxwell

Maxwell Law Firm             

Donald and Roxanne Mayer

The McCravy, Newlon & Sturkie Law Firm, P.A.    

Thomas McCutchen

Linda McDonald

McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC   

J. Thomas McGrath

Henry McKellar

Steven and Tracy McKelvey, Jr.

Robert and Sarah McKenzie

Daniel and Susan McLeod

Henry and Peggy McMaster

S. Alan and Florence Medlin

William Monckton VI

William and Renee Moore, Jr.

Thomas Moran

W. Hampton and Carter Morris

O. Warren Mowry, Jr.

Robert Wilson and Sara Najjar-Wilson     

The National Christian Foundation            

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, L.L.P.            

John Newkirk and Sandra Willan                 

Everette and Beverly Newman

Nexsen Pruet, LLC             

Paul Nix, Jr.

Richard and Claudia North, Jr.

David and Lindsay Ormsby

David and Joan  Owen

The Owen Foundation    

Michael and Susan Owens

Susan Palmer

Charles and Celeste Patrick, Jr.

Jeffrey and Jessica Patterson

Edward and Linda Perrin, Jr.

Anne Porchér Perrin

The Pittsburgh Foundation           

Thomas and Adele Pope III

Philip Porter

Elizabeth Poston

A. Marvin and Laurie Quattlebaum, Jr.

William and Terrell Quealy, Jr.

Robert and Christie Ransom

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. 

Richland County Bar Association                

James and Jean Rion, Jr.

Edward and Beverley Roberts

Neil and Vicki Robinson, Jr.

H. Hugh and Maro Rogers

James and Linda Rogers

Law Offices of Stanley C. Rodgers, LLC      

William and Fran Rose, Jr.

Whitaker Rose

Cyril Rush, Jr.

Willie Saleeby

Daniel and Lynda Sanders, Jr.

SC Bar Foundation            

Marian  Scalise

Mikell and Mary Scarborough

Jeffrey Schilz

Schwab Charitable Fund                 

David Schwacke

Peter and Lesley Sercer, Sr.

Donald and Mary Seymour

James Sheedy

Robert Sheheen

John Simmons

William and Elena Skipper, Jr.

James and Nina  Smith, Sr.

Carl and Takisha Solomon

Solomon Law Group       

South Carolina Association for Justice     

South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association          

South Carolina Bar           

W. Mitchell Spearman

Stephen and Carol Spelman

Spencer & Spencer PA    

Daniel and Eve Stacey

The Steinberg Law Firm, LLP         

Erin Stuckey

W. Brooks Styles

Sunshine Foundation     

August and Eleanor Swarat II

Sweeny Wingate & Barrow, P.A.

Samuel and Inez Tenenbaum

Justin and Debra Thornton

Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes PA                


The Henry B. Tippie Foundation 

Eric Tresh

United Way of the Midlands         

United Way of the Piedmont, Inc.              

Unum Corporation          

Rahul Verma

Ethan and Kay Ware

Marvin  Watson

James and E. Katherine Wells

Edward and Liesl Westbrook

Thadeous and Christine  Westbrook III

David and Ann Westerlund

Tricia Whitener

Whitener & Wharton, PA               

Robert and Lisa  Wilcox

Donald and Alanna Wildman

Rose Wilkins

Charles Williams II and A. MacLean Limehouse    

Marc Williams

Ray and Katharine Williams, Jr.

Shawn and Elizabeth Willis

Tommie Wingate

Margaret Witten

David and Beth  Yokel

Full Listing of School of Law Donors

Abbott Fund       

Matthew Abee

David Adams

Mark Adkins

Amanda Adler

Samuel and Moyer Albergotti

Duncan and Janet Alford

John and Janice Alford

David and Debra Allen

Charles and Susan Altman

Steven Amster

David and Robin Anderson

Van and Frances Anderson

John and Margaret Anderson

Michael and Bonnie Anzelmo

David and Julia Archer

Kaydee Arthur

John and Nancy Artz

Vivian Atkins

Charles Auslander, Jr.

Jayman Avery III

R. Glen Ayers*

David Aylor

James Bagarazzi

Diane Bagnal

J. Rhodes and Dare Bailey

James and Elizabeth Bailey, Jr.

Karama Bailey

Rangeley Bailey

Vic Bailey IV

Florence Baird

Charles and Elizabeth Baker III

Janice Baker

Ralph and Mikell Baldwin, Jr.

Shiryl Ballard

Jeanette Barber

James and Susan Barber III

Douglas and Sandra Barfield, Jr.

Robert and Valerie Barham

Charles Barkley

Scott and Sallie  Barnes

J. Douglas Roberta Barnett

Jennifer Barr

Thomas Barrineau, Jr.

Thomas and Ann Batson

Garry Baum

J. Michael Baxley

Roberta Beatty

Laura Beck

J. Steven and Gretchen Beckham

W. Andrew Beeson, Jr.

J. Carlton Bell

Glenn and Sharon Bell

Howell and Sandra Bellamy, Jr.

Clinch and Mary Belser, Jr.

Edward and Tracy Bender

Hans Bengard

Daniel Benjamin

Fawzi and Teresa Bennani

Joanne Benson

Thomas and Ellen Bentz

Sandra Benzer

Susan Berkowitz

Bershtein, Bershtein & Bershtein, P.C.     

Herman Bershtein

BG Financial Advisors LLC              

Jeffrey and Claire Birdsong

Robert and Sandra Bisanar

Black River Electric Cooperative Inc.         

Carol Black

Derek Black and Claire Raj              

Robert Black

Robert Blain

Christopher Blake

John and Sandra Bloodworth, Jr.

Bluestein Wholesale        

Margaret Bluestein

Jennifer Blumenthal

Jason and Shannon Bobertz

Robert and Kevin Bockman

Dotsy Boineau

Tracy Bomar-Howze

H.E. and Kay Bonnoitt, Jr.

David Bornemann

Robert and Caroline Borucki

Christopher Boswell

Zekelriah Bouknight-Geter

Amanda Bowden

John and Kristin Bowers

Susan Bowers

G. Flynn and Anne Bowie

William and Ethel Bowman III

Marie Boyd

Samuel and Jocelyn Boyd

Valeria Boykin-Tate

F. Ladson and Susan Boyle

Bill and Ann Bozeman

Thomas Bozeman

Bryan Braddock

Joan Brady

Larry Brandt

Erin Brasington

Emily Bridges

Jason Bridges

Nancy Bridges

Thomas and Alice Broadwater II

Deirdre Brou

Brian Broughton

Debra Brown

Emily Brown

Franchot Brown

Kelley Brown

Todd and Melissa Brown

Scott Browne

Benjamin and Caitlin Bruner

William Bruner

Frank and Tarlie Bryan

William and Mary Bryan

William and Amy Bryan, Jr.

Emma Bryson

Perry and Janet  Buckner III

Michael and Carolyn Bunda

Brian Burke

W. Lewis and Anne Burke

William and Angela Burkhalter, Jr.

James and Phyllis Burkhard

W. Ray Burns and Betty Burton

Michael and M. Malissa Burnette

Kelly Burnside

Brenton Burry

William Butler

James and Courtney Buxton

Mark and Julia Buyck, Jr.

William Cain

Judy Caldwell

Wylie and Gwynette Caldwell

William Calhoun, Jr.

Jennifer Camp

C. Pierce and Helen Campbell

Charles and Sandra Campbell, Jr.

Jennifer Campbell

Dennis and Maris Cannon

David Canty

Randolph Carothers

Deborah Carpenter-Toye

Robert and Diane Carr

Susan Carr

Caroline Carrison

Miriam Carroll

Bruce and Judy Carter

Rex and Renae Casterline

The Cate Law Firm, PA    

Marvin and Rita Caughman

Glen and Carol Caulk

Tucker Cecil

Owen and Denyse Cedarburg

Chakeris Law Firm             

John Chakeris

William Chambers

Elizabeth Chambliss

Cameron Chandler

William and Gayle Chandler III

Clifford and Victoria Chappell

Joseph and Jaclyn Cherry

Frank Cisa

Curtis and Paula Clark

Joseph and Wendy Clark

Gary and Patricia Clary

David Clegg

Nicholas Clekis

Stuart Clements

Sherwood Cleveland and Kathleen Parker               

Thomas Clinkscales

Coastal Electric Cooperative, Inc.               

Kimberly Cochran

John and Cheryl Coder

Donald and Joyce Coggins, Jr.

Lesley Coggiola

Daniel Cohen

J. Marshall Colcord and Dorothy Helms

Andrew Cole

J. Derham and Candace Cole

G. Lee Cole, Jr.

J. Walker and Heather Coleman IV

Stacey Coleman

Michael Colombo

Angelica Colwell

Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc.            

J. Joseph Condon, Jr.*

M. Dawes and Helen Cooke

Harold and Nancy Coombs

Robert and Ruth Cooper

Nelle Corley

Robert Corley

Edward Covington

Matthew and Amanda Cox

William Craver III

Gary Crawford

Daniel and Elizabeth Crider

Joseph and Mary Cross, Jr.

William and Ellisa Culp

Christopher Cunningham

Anne Cushman

Grover and Christine Czech

Christopher Darby

Daniel and Lee Davenport, Jr.

William and Mahalie Davies, Jr.

Clarence and Katherine  Davis

James and Harriett Davis

Jennifer Davis

Steve and Rose Davis

Tessa Davis

William and Dorothy Davis

Margaret Day

Robert and Carol Day, Jr.

Charlton and Ann Saussure, Jr.

Gavin and Emma Dean

Fred and Elaine Delk

John Delmore

John DeLoache

Gus and Venessa Demetriades

The Derrick Law Firm      

Dirk Derrick

Richard and Janet Detwiler

T. Alston and Susan DeVenny

Devlin & Parkinson, P.A.                 

Michelle Dhunjishah and Philip Betette, Jr.

Michael and Lynn Dillard

William Dillard, Jr.

William and Louise Doar, Jr.

Emily Dobson

Erik and Lora Doerring

Richard and Judith Dolce

Gregory and Julia Donley

Kenneth and Shannon Donnelly

David Dornak

Helen Dovell

John Downey, Sr.

Jason Dubose

Alina Dudau

Duffy and Young, LLC      

Harold Dukes, Jr.

Jerisha Dukes

David and Danelle Duncan

Jonathan Dunlap

Richard Dutton

George Dwiggins and Janet Dyer

Edgar and Cynthia Dyer III

Reid Eaddy

Joshua and Melinda Eagle

Doyet and Lee Early

Karen Edwards

Robert Ehrhorn, Jr.

William and Lillian Elder

The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc.

Frank Ellerbe III and Helen Zeigler               

Harold and Marian Elliott

Jason Elliott

David and Frances Ellison

Carl and Gelene Ellsworth

William Enloe III

Joseph Enos, Jr. *

James and Irene Epting, Jr.

Ronald  Eritano

Jennifer Ernest

Robert Erwin, Jr.

Estate of Robert W. Foster, Sr.     

Raymond Eubanks, Jr.

Reed Evans

Steven and Mary Everhart

Sidney and Wendee Evering II

David and Doreen Evrard

William Ewing

Thomas Ezzell

Fairfield Electric Coop    

Patrick Fant III

Robert Fanter

Kenley Farmer

Thomas and Virginia Farrier

Michael Farry

James and Cathey Fayssoux

Jennifer Felder

Jane Fender

Kelly Fenner

Finklea Law Firm                

Gary Finklea

Samuel  Finklea

Randy Fisher

Julie Flaming

James and Carene Floyd

Joey and Ellie Floyd

Karl Folkens

Robert and Elizabeth Folks

John Folsom

F. Cordes and Emily Ford

Michèle Forsythe

Rick Forton

Chase Foster

Robert Foster, Sr. *

Thomas and Mary Foster

John and Heyward Fougerousse

Elaine Fowler

James and Nora Fowles III

Kenneth and Laurel Fox

Margaret and Bill Fox

Francis X. McCann, P.A. 

Nathaniel and Cantrell Frayer

Megan Frers

Friends of James Lewis-Emory Goizueta Business School  

Rosalyn Frierson-Smith

George Frooks

Ronnie Fuerst

Furr and Henshaw

O. Fayrell and Karole Furr, Jr.

Susan Gaddy

Cheryl Gahagan

H. Mills and Carol Gallivan

Robert Galloway III

Elloree Ganes

C. Benjamin and Michele Garren, Jr.

Gordon Garrett

John and Margaret Garrison

Judson and Cynthia Gash

John Geathers

Kenneth Generette

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Robert Getzenberg

Frank Gibbes III

Michael and Ann Giese

Aaron Glenn

Michael Glenn

Liz Godard

John and Julia Goettee

Robert and Rebecca Goings

Mason and Harriet Goldsmith

C. Tolbert and Mary Goolsby, Jr.

Clyde Gore, Jr.

Michael Gosnell

Jay and Sara Gouldon

Bradford Gower                 

Lindsey Graham

Perry Gravely

Barbara Graves

D. Benjamin and Carter Graves

Donna Green

Luther Green

Robert Green

Phillip Greenberg

Anne Gregg

Manton Grier

Jeff and Margaret Griffith, Jr.

Joseph and Melanie Griffith, Jr.

James and Josette Grimsley III

Ernest Grose, Jr.

Stephen Groves, Sr.

Robert Guess

James and Barbara Guignard

Walter and Carole Gunter

Joshua Gupta-Kagan

Clay Guthridge

David and Crystal Guyton

Stanley and Elaine Hackett

Susan Hackett

Ehrick Haight, Jr.

Rebecca Hale

George and Margaret Hall

William and Pamela Halligan

Alyne Hallman

Herbert and Llewellyn Hames

Richard Handel

Natasha Hanna

James and Katharine Hardin

Mason and Michelle Hardy

Donna Hargrove

Harper Law Firm, LLC      

John Harper III

George and Sue Harper

Kenneth Harrell

J. Smith and Teresa Harrison, Jr.

Joan Hartley

Jonathan and Lyssa Harvey

Diane Hasek

John and Sarah  Hayes III

Mark Hayes

Robert and Sarah Hayes, Jr.

Daniel and Tressa Hayes

Thomas Hayman

Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.   

Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth

Cameron Heck

Charles and Miriam Hedgepath

D.D. and Kathleen Heim

Joanne  Heiting

Martin and Holly Heller

Karen Henderson

Ronald and Marsha Hendrix

Robert and Nancye Herring, Jr.

Ronald Herring

Lawrence Hershon

Torsha Hicks

William and Alicia Higgins

Scott Hile

Charles and Frances Hill

John and Jane Hill

Cary Hiltgen

Joshua Hinson

Robert and Linda Hochstetler

Donald Hocker

Hodge & Langley Law Firm, P.C. 

Charles and Jakie Hodge

William and Delorese Hodge

Anthony and Nancy Hoefer

James Holland and Mary Gordon Baker   

Thomas Hollis

Maurice Holloway and Lisa Williams Holloway

Robert and Kelly Homlar

Frank and Cindy Honeycutt

Frederick Horlbeck III

Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. 

Horton Law Firm, P.A.    

Lewis Horton

Lisa Hostetler

Howard, Howard, Francis and Reid            

Elizabeth Howard

Donald and Greta Howe

F. Patrick and Judy Hubbard

William and Katharine Hubbard

John Hudson, Jr.

Shannon Hudson

James Hughes

Sarah Hughes

Thomas Hughston, Jr.

Hundley Law, LLC              

R. Walter Hundley

Margaret Hunt

J. Ray Hunter, Jr.

John and Lorie Hutchins

IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program          

Taehyung Im

G.L. Inabinet

Russell Infinger

Intel Matching Gifts to Education Program            

Wilmot and Jeannie Irvin

Timothy and Kimberly Jackson

John James II

Jebaily Law Firm, P.A.     

Lee and Ann Jedziniak

O. Allen and Mary Jeffcoat III

Bryan Jeffries

Jacob and Jane Jennings

Bradley Johnson

Brian Johnson

Chalmers Johnson

Daniel and Kana Johnson

David and Beth  Johnson

Dwain Johnson

Elmer Johnson

R. Kinard and Carol Johnson, Jr.

Ronald  Johnson

George and Susan Johnson, Jr.

W. Steven and Patricia Johnson

William Johnson

William and Mary Johnson, Jr.

Jane Johnston

Douglas Jones

Mary Jowers

Patricia Junqueira

George and Gina Jurch III

Nathan and Marcia Kaminski, Jr.

Sidney Kanazawa

John and Patricia Kassel

Michael Kaufman

Bernard Kearse III

William Keels

William Keesley

Richard and Catherine Kennedy III

Ralph and Lisa Kennedy, Jr.

Kent D. Talbert, PLLC      

Angela Killian

Billy and Carol Killough

Thomas and Ashtin Kilpatrick

Anthony Kim

Jessica Kinard

H. Spencer King

Howard and Nancy King

Fred and Angela Kingsmore, Jr.

Joseph Kirby, Jr.

Edward and Helen Kluiters

Patrick and Grace Knie

G. Marcus and Pamela Knight, Jr.

Daniel Koon

Herbert Koon

Albert and Susan Koon, Jr.

Edward Kronsberg

Robert and Jill Kunkle, Jr.

Lawrence Laddaga

The Lake Law Firm LLC    

Dietrich and Erica Lake

John and Marie  Land III

Eleanor Landstreet

Edward and Josephine Laney IV

Laurens Electric Cooperative, Inc.              

W. Thomas and Cynthia Lavender, Jr.

Law Office of Douglas L. Payne    

The Law Office of Jonathan Harvey             

Law Office of Margaret S. Day LLC                

Law Office of Natasha M. Hanna, P.C.        

Law Offices of Wilmot B. Irvin     

Angus and Sara Lawton

Robert and Sheri Lazenby

Jack and Laurie Leader

Tameaka Legette

Kathleen Lehrmann

Daniel and Shelby Leonardi

Gary and Helene Lesslie

James and Alisa  Leventis, Jr.

Gabriel  Leventis

Lewis Babcock, L.L.P.      

E. Glenn and Jeannie Lightsey

Harry and Mercy Lightsey

Toney and Cynthia Lister

Gregory Litra and Susan Dudzinski             

William Little

Courtney Littlejohn

Danny and Janie Livingston

James Lockemy

Wade and Eunice Logan III

Robert Lominack and Elizabeth Dalzell    

Kenneth and Cynthia Long

Alex Long, Jr.

Daniel and Jennifer Lott, Jr.

John and Amanda Loveday

Stanley and Barbara Lowder

William and Nell Lucius

Lynches River Electric Cooperative, Inc. 

Brian Lysell

Angus Macaulay

Andrew and Jennifer MacLeod

Norma Mangum

Jenkins and Melina Mann

Cory Manning and Tina Cundari 

Peter Manning

Theodore Manos

Bristow and Elizabeth Marchant

Marlboro Electric Cooperative, Inc.          

Robert and Patricia Marlow

Andrew Maron

Walter   Martens

John and Betty Martin

David and Kelly Mason

Luke Masselink

Paula Matthews

Ronald Matthias and Tracy Salisbury        

Rebekah Maxwell and Gregory Yancey     

Burnet and Katherine Maybank III

David Mazyck and Cherie Rogers

Albert McAlister

John and Barbara McArthur

Clifford McBride

Francis and Tami McCann

J. Andrew and Diane McColl

Karen McCormick

Stephen McCrae, Jr.

Charles and Patricia McDonald

Charles and McLaurin McDonald III

Kevin and Valerie McDonald

John and Jodie McDougall

William and Tammy McElveen, Jr.

George and Cindy McFaddin, Jr.

David and Barbara McInnis

John and Dora McKenzie

Linda McKenzie

Mark McKnight

James and Patricia McLaren

Michael McLellan

Andrew and Christine McLeod

Leiza McLeod

Walton McLeod IV

George and Carol McMahan

Moritz and Elizabeth McMahan, Jr.

Henry McMaster, Jr.

Michael McMullen

James and Susan McNamee

Vanessa McQuinn

Martin McWilliams, Jr.

Robert and Mary McWilliams, Jr.

Kenneth and Elizabeth Mead

Benjamin Means and Susan Kuo 

Scott and Emily Medlyn

Don Meinhold

Melissa F. Brown, LLC     

Lawrence and Pamela Melton

Julio and Maureen Mendoza, Jr.

David and Barbara Merline, Jr.

Elizabeth Mevers

Franchelle Millender

Ben Miller III

Douglas Miller

Amy Milligan

Rhonda Mims

Steve Minor

Carol Mitchell

David Mitchell and Nancy Sadler                 

Cody Mitchell and Amanda Wuenscher  

E. Warren Moise

Robert and Carol Montgomery

John and Bonnie Montgomery

William and Sandra Moody

Christopher and Jane Moran

Sherman Morgan, Jr.

Carolyn Morris

Lana Morrison

Robert   Morrison

Thomas and Nan Morrison

W. Howell and Elizabeth Morrison

Isabel Morton

Richard Morton

Robert Moseley, Jr.

Heather Muckenfuss

Kay Mullen

Danny and Margaret Mullis

Jennifer Munn-Szymanski

Brenda Myers

Matthew and Sarah Myers

Joseph Myslinski

National Rural Electric Coop Association                 

Douglas and Rita Neagli

Eboni Nelson

Network for Good             

Newberry Electric Cooperative, Inc.          

Imani Newborn

Jeffrey and Margaret Newman

Walter and Julia Newman

Ryan Nichols

Benjamin Nicholson V

Matthew Nickles

Gregory and Elizabeth Niehaus

Deborah Nielsen

Edward and Janet Nolan

Vincent Northcutt

Kelly O'Brien

SC Judicial Department's Office of Finance and Personnel                 

Mark and Margo Orlandini

Samuel Outten

Steven and Cynthia Ouzts

Louise Oxner

Rodney and Ashley Pace II

Amy Palesch

Palmetto Economic Development Corporation  

Palmetto Paralegal Association  

Anthony Panico

Pete and Bonnie Papajohn

Walter and Diane Parham

Edwin Parkinson, Jr.

Elizabeth Patterson

Lori Patton

Sonya Paulk

Pawleys Pier Village, Inc.                

Douglas Payne

John Peacock III

Robert and Pamela Pearce, Jr.

Ralph and Mary Pearcy II

Pee Dee Electric Cooperative, Inc.              

Phyllis Pennell

D. Ashley and Robin Pennington

Daniel Perry III

Stephen Perry

Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick       

Donna Pierce

Paola Pinzon

Charles and Grace Plowden, Jr.

Eli Poliakoff

Mark Polutta

James and Lynn Pope

David Popowski

Michelle and Jeffrey Porro

James Porter

Michael and Christine Poston

Roy Powell, Jr.

V. Clark and Nanda Price

William and Claire Prince

Professional Insurance Associates               

Larry and Yvonne Propes

C. Victor Pyle, Jr. *

Thomas Quasarano

George and Sandra Quillin

Michael and Blanche Quinn

Susan Raeker-Jordan

F. Dean and Ivy Rainey, Jr.

Frank and Amanda Rainwater

William and Wanda Rambaum

C. Thomson and Marie-Louise Ramsdale

Gene Raymond

Robert and Shealy Reibold

Charles and Taj Reid

William and Catherine Reynolds III

William Rhoad

Richard J. Dolce Attorney at Law                 

Richard Wilson Riley Revocable Trust      

George Richardson

Matthew and Beth Richardson

William and Jane Richardson

Richard Riley

R. Eric and Karen Rissling

Richard and Carole Ritter

Frank and Lisa Robards III

Robert and Mary Robbins

Robert D. Robbins Attorney at Law LLC   

Jonathan Robertson

William and Meredith Robertson III

James Robey

Alfred Robinson, Jr.

Rogers Law Firm, LLC      

Christian Rogers

W. Frank Rogers, Jr.

Karen Rollison

Daniel and Karen Romanyzyn

Megan Rorie

Angela Rowe

R. Leonard Rowe, Jr.

John Rucker

Rusty Infinger Attorney at Law    

Santee Electric Cooperative          

Sapp Law Firm   

Benjamin Sapp

Stephen and Jennifer Savitz

SC Association of Circuit Judges 

SC Conference of Family Court Judges      

S.C. Women Involved in Rural Electrification        

Michael Scardato

Kimberly Schafer

David Schlosser

George and Mary Schroeder

Clifford and Malvina Scott

Lawrence Scott

Mackey and Wanda Scott III

Linda Seabrook

B.F. and Ann Seagle III

Pamella Seay

Joseph and Megan Seiner

Cynthia Sensibaugh

Setzler & Scott PA             

Peter and Mary  Shahid

Mary Sharp

Vincent Sheheen

Don and Susan Shirley

Scott and Vikki Shirley

Marvin Short III

Matthew and Kelly Sides

Charles  Simmons, Jr.

Jan Simmons

Lana and Anne Sims, Jr.

Phillip Sinclair

Rajendra and Reeta Singh

Mary Sloan

Harold and Kirsten Small

Samuel and Daina Small, Jr.

A. Emerson and Kathleen Smith

Alexander Smith

Bryant Smith

Danny and Rebecca Smith

Heather Smith

Joel Smith III and Pamela Roberts               

Michael and Julia Smith

Richard Smith, Jr.

Robert and Lauren Smith II

Terri Smith

John Solomon

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