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School of Law

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Adams, Gregory Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6743
Faculty Alford, Duncan E. Associate Dean for the Law Library Professor of Law 803-777-3368 Deans Law Library
Staff Arthur, Kaydee Development and Gift Planning Coordinator & Research Analyst 803-777-1093 Development & Alumni Relations
Faculty Baker, Janice Assistant Director of Legal Writing 803-777-7737
Staff Baum, Garry Faculty Support Services 803-777-5159 Faculty Support Services
Staff Beatty, Heather P. Director of Student Affairs 803-777-2430 Student Affairs
Staff Billings, Susan On-campus & Resume Collection Coordinator 803-777-8912 Career Services Career Services
Faculty Black, Derek W. Professor of Law 803-777-9652
Faculty Bockman, Robert T. Senior Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-3613
Staff Bogart, Emily Coordinator of The Coastal Law Field Lab 803-777-5324 Academic Affairs
Staff Bondy, Cole Alumni Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator 803-777-7207 Development & Alumni Relations
Faculty Boyd, Marie C. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-2851
Faculty Boyle, Ladson F. Charles E. Simons, Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Federal Law 803-777-6885
Staff Brasier, Tobias Director of Web Services 803-777-5247 information technology Information Technology
Staff Britton, Karen Reagan Director of Admissions 803-777-6605 Admissions
Faculty Brown, Josie F. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6963
Faculty Brown, Megan Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian 803-777-6021 Access Services Law Library
Faculty Bullington, Amanda Catalog and Serials Librarian 803-777-6022 Law Library
Faculty Burke, Lewis W. Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-2278 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Burkhard, James R. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8178
Staff Burkhard, Phyllis B. Director of Career Services 803-777-8479 Career Services
Faculty Butler, Katharine I. Distinguished Professor Emerita of Law
Staff Carson, Yolanda Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-5221 Academic Affairs Registrar
Faculty Chambliss, Elizabeth S. Professor of Law Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-9942 NMRS Center on Professionalism
Staff Chandler, Cathy Assistant Director, Admissions 803-777-6606 Admissions
Staff Chavis, Teika Associate Law Registrar & Associate Director of Academic Services 803-777-5221 Academic Affairs Registrar
Faculty Cherry, Jaclyn A. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Law 803-777-3394 Clinical Legal Education, Deans
Faculty Conroy, Terrye Assistant Director of Legal Research Instruction Reference Librarian 803-777-1659 Law Library
Faculty Crocker, Thomas P. Distinguished Professor of Law 803-777-4790
Faculty Dalzell, Elizabeth M. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7756
Staff Davis, Joe Business Manager 803-777-5489 Law School Administration
Staff Davis, Lisa Administrative Assistant 803-777-2278 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Davis, Tessa R. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6809
Staff Dhunjishah, Michelle Director 803-929-3172 Children's Law Center
Staff Dowling, Regenia Administrative Coordinator / Business Manager 803-777-5944 Law Library
Staff Downing, Timothy Assistant Director of Operations 803-777-6605 Admissions
Faculty Eagle, Josh Solomon Blatt Professor of Law 803-777-2486
Faculty Eichhorn, Lisa A. Director of Legal Writing & Professor of Law 803-777-7750
Faculty Eisenberg, Ann M. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-8805 Clinical Legal Education
Staff Fanning, Kim L. Administrative Assistant, South Carolina Law Review 803-777-5874 Faculty Support Services
Faculty Felix, Robert L. James P. Mozingo III Professor Emeritus of Legal Research Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-7758
Faculty Flanagan, James F. Oliver Ellsworth Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Federal Practice 803-777-7744
Faculty Flynn, Patrick J. Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Fox, Jacqueline R. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8192
Faculty Freeman, John P. Distinguished Professor Emeritus and John T. Campbell Chair in Business and Professional Ethics Emeritus 803-254-4667
Faculty Gaines, Kenneth W. Associate Professor of Law Director, Clinical Legal Education 803-777-8903 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Glenn, Aaron Reference Librarian 803-777-4334 Law Library
Staff Grant, Mackenzie L. Communications Coordinator 803-777-9046 Communications
Faculty Gupta-Kagan, Josh Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-3393 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Haeberle, Kevin S. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-7763
Faculty Haggard, Thomas R. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Staff Hallman, Alyne E. Faculty Support Services 803-777-5828 Faculty Support Services
Staff Hendrix, Beth Event Manager 803-777-8058 Law School Administration
Faculty Hubbard, F. Patrick Ronald L. Motley Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Tort Litigation 803-777-6712
Staff Hughes, Sarah Senior Director of Development & Alumni Relations 803-777-7207 Development & Alumni Relations
Staff Jamison, Terrell Network Administrator 803-777-1266 Information Technology
Faculty Johnson, Herbert A. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Staff Johnson, Patti L. Associate Director of Admissions 803-777-6605 Admissions
Staff Keith, Romona Law Registrar & Director of Academic Services 803-777-5221 Academic Affairs Registrar
Staff Kunkle, Jill C. Associate Director of Career Services 803-777-6917 Career Services
Faculty Kuo, Susan S. Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Professor of Law 803-777-3597
Faculty Lacy, Philip T. Professor of Law 803-777-3359
Staff Lee, Devante Building & Grounds Supervisor 803-673-7788 Law School Administration
Faculty Leonardi, Shelby K. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7785
Faculty Leventis, Ami Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-5312
Staff Lewis, Inge K. Faculty Support Services 803-777-6921 Faculty Support Services
Faculty Linnan, David K. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-7740
Staff Lively, Candice A. Senior Resource Attorney 803-777-1979 Children's Law Center
Staff Martin, Adam Audiovisual Instructional Technology Specialist 803-777-8614 Information Technology
Faculty Maxwell, Rebekah K. Associate Director for Library Operations 803-777-1725 Law Library
Staff McQuinn, Vanessa L. Director, Faculty Scholarship & Support Services 803-777-0029 Faculty Support Services
Faculty McWilliams, Martin C., Jr. Professor of Law 803-777-5639
Faculty Means, Benjamin Professor of Law 803-777-3616
Faculty Medlin, S. Alan David W. Robinson Professor of Law 803-777-7465
Faculty Melton, Pamela Rogers Associate Director for Library Administration 803-777-3361 Law Library
Faculty Miller, Colin Associate Dean of Faculty Development Professor of Law 803-777-6654 Deans
Faculty Milligan, Amy Assistant Director of Legal Writing 803-777-3386
Staff Mitchell, Carol Associate Director of Alumni Outreach and Donor Relations 803-777-3408 Development & Alumni Relations
Faculty Montgomery, John Dean Emeritus Distinguished Professor Emeritus & Former Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-3360
Staff Montgomery, Theresa Admissions Counselor 803-777-6605 Admissions
Staff Moore, Gary Assistant Dean for Academic Technology 803-777-8296 Deans Information Technology
Staff Morris, Carolyn Simpson Assistant Director 803-777-5506 Children's Law Center
Staff Mounter, Michael Evening Access Services Supervisor 803-777-6002 Access Services Law Library
Staff Murdaugh, Deborah Computer Support Specialist 803-777-8262 Information Technology
Faculty Nelson, Eboni Professor of Law 803-777-5011
Staff Niehaus, Elizabeth Assistant Dean for Administration 803-777-6043 Deans Administration
Faculty Nolan, Dennis Webster Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Labor Law 843-838-4878
Staff Nye, Stephanie Director of Externship & Special Academic Programs 803-777-1451 Academic Affairs
Faculty Owen, David Carolina Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus 809-777-1411
Staff Owens, James W. Computer Support Specialist 803-777-1179 Information Technology
Staff Palmer, Susan Associate Dean for Student Affairs 803-777-6605 Deans, Admissions, Student Affairs
Staff Palmore, Shannon D. Faculty Scholarship & Support Services 803-777-3433 Faculty Support Services
Staff Patel, Reena B. Student Affairs Coordinator 803-777-2430 Student Affairs
Faculty Patterson, Elizabeth Professor of Law 803-777-8189
Staff Paulk, Sonya R. Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 803-777-6617 Academic Affairs
Staff Pereira, Cornelius Head of Technical Services 803-777-5898 Technical Services Law Library
Staff Persons, Amy Access Services Assistant 803-777-9384 Access Services Law Library
Faculty Polavarapu, Aparna Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-8925
Faculty Powell, Burnele Venable Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Miles and Ann Loadholt Chair of Law Emeritus 803-777-7780
Faculty Pratt, Walter F., Jr. James P. Mozingo III Professor Emeritus of Legal Research Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Raj, Claire S. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-1391 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Richardson, Nathan D. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-9412
Staff Robinson, Pamela D. Director, Pro Bono Program 803-777-3405 Pro Bono Program
Faculty Ross, Eve Reference Librarian 803-777-6109 Law Library
Staff Ruskell, Alex Director of Academic Success 803-777-8115 Academic Affairs
Faculty Said, Wadie E. Professor of Law 803-777-0471
Faculty Samuels, Joel Professor of Law Director, Rule of Law Collaborative 803-777-8295
Staff Schaller, Rob Director of Communications 803-777-5611 Communications
Faculty Seiner, Joseph Professor of Law 803-777-5569
Staff Sightler, Angie Executive Assistant to the Dean 803-777-6857 Office of the Dean
Faculty Smalls, O'Neal Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Smith, Bryant Walker Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6880
Faculty Snow, Ned Professor of Law 803-777-8064
Faculty Stoughton, Seth W. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-3055
Faculty Stravitz, Howard B. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6860
Faculty Stuckey, Roy T. Webster Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Clinical Legal Education 843-588-6677
Faculty Suski, Emily Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-7735 Clinical Legal Education
Staff Tester, Travis Associate Director of Development 803-777-6618 Development & Alumni Relations
Faculty Ugarte, Anne Marie Clinical Instructor 803-777-8904 Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Underwood, James L. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-0202
Faculty Virzi, Michael J. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7742
Staff Visser, Yvonne A. Associate Director of Career Services 803-777-3779 Career Services
Staff Watters, Jacob Faculty Support Services 803-777-6210 Faculty Support Services
Staff Watts, Susan Student Services & Job Posting Coordinator 803-777-8479 Career Services
Faculty Wedlock, Eldon D., Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Welton, Shelley Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-5662
Faculty Wester, Candle M. Assistant Director for Faculty Services 803-777-7229 Law Library
Faculty Wilcox, Robert M. Dean 803-777-6857 Deans
Staff Williams, Sharon C. Associate Director 803-777-5929 NMRS Center on Professionalism
Faculty Yablon-Zug, Marcia A. Professor of Law 803-777-3615