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Information for Undergraduate Students at the SJMC

This page contains information for undergraduate students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.


  1. Wait List for Undergraduate Journalism Classes. This wait list will be used only to determine if additional sections of a course are needed and NOT to add students to seats which may open during the registration process. The list is for journalism majors and journalism classes only. Sign up here»
  2. Study Abroad
    In order to receive credit for a study abroad experience a student must complete several important steps with the study abroad office and academic adviser. Students who do not follow these steps may not receive credit for their study abroad. If you plan to study abroad you must visit the study abroad web site and follow this exactly.  If you have questions about study abroad requirements please contact the study abroad office at 803-777-7557.
  3. Advisement Information
    Advisement for Spring 2015 will start on October 1, 2014. Please be sure to make an appointment before your registration appointment time. Registration for Spring 2015 will begin on November 10. 
    Schedule Advisement Appointment »
  4. Course Number Changes. 
    Some course numbers have changed due to changes in the curriculum. This pdf contains the changes.
  5. Switching Majors
    Information about changing your major to the School of Journalism and Mass Communications can be found here.
  6. Academic Common Market
    Incoming freshmen and transfer students may request Academic Common Market. For information on ACM please contact your HOME STATE Academic Common Market coordinator. The deadline for students to make a formal request for ACM to Art Farlowe is the Friday before the first day of classes.