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Available Internships

This is a list of internship opportunities available for students in each major. This page is updated regularly, so please check back.

Click on the links for more detailed information about each internship.

  Advertising Public
Journalism Visual
American Junior Golf Association    x      x
American Lung Association in SC  x  x      
American Red Cross of Central SC    x      
BBDO Atlanta  x        
Cargo  x  x      x
Cargo  x  x      x
Carter Todd & Associates  x  x      
Carter Todd & Associates          x
Cataylst Public Relations    x      
Chernoff Newman  x  x      
Chernoff Newman  x  x      
Chernoff Newman          x
City of Columbia    x      
Clear Channel    x      
Colonial Life Arena          x
Colonial Life Arena    x      
Dickerson Center for Children    x      
Discovery Program of S.C.    x      
Enventys    x      
Erwin-Penland    x      
Flock and Rally    x      
Free Times  x        
Gamecock Newspaper  x  x      
Gamecock Productions      x     x    
Genesis Studios          x
Historic Columbia    x      
Hope-Beckham, Inc.    x      
Inspired Hypev    x      x
Interactive Media Group    x      x
Jackson-Dawson IMC    x      
Jeff Dezen Public Relations    x      
Lamar Advertising  x        
March of Dimes  x  x      x
Marketing Performance, LLC  x  x      
McKay Public Affairs  x  x      
Midlands Authority For Conventions,
Sports & Tourism
Mullen    x      
Muscular Dystrophy Association    x      
Nasuti & Hinkle  x        
National Geographic    x      
National Kidney Foundation    x      
Navigate Media  x  x      
Pinkston Group Intern Program    x      
Presbyterian Healthcare    x      
Richland County Public Library        
Richland County Public Library          x
Richland District 1    x      x
Richland One TV      x    
RIGGS  x  x      
Ronald McDonald House of Charities    x      
SC Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy          x
SC Emergency Management Division    x      x
SC Film Commission    x      
SC Pharmacy Association    x      
SC Policy Council        x  
SC Policy Council    x      
SC Radio Network      x  
SC Radio Network      x  
SC Small Business Chamber  x  x      
South Carolina Bar    x      
St. Lawrence Place  x  x      
Taylor    x      
The Goss Agency  x  x      
The Knapp Agency  x  x      
The Nerve      x  x  
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press        x  
Truematter          x
United Way of the Midlands  x  x      
US Tennis Association - SC          x
USC Study Abroad Office    x      
WPUB/WCAM      x    
YMCA    x