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Available Internships | | "The Zone" on ESPN Radio 93.1 Columbia

Organization: | | "The Zone" on ESPN Radio 93.1 Columbia 
317 Zimalcrest Drive
Columbia, SC 29210

Name: Wes Mitchell
Phone: 803-367-6014

Type of Organization:
 Agency  Media Organization  Governmental Agency  Educational  Not-For-Profit  Manufacturer, Retailer or Service  Other

Major Recommended for Position : 
 Advertising  Public Relations  Visual Communications  Broadcast Journalism  Print Journalism  Mass Communications Concentration


Fall Spring

Duties of Intern:
We are looking for a student who can already, or is willing to learn how to, write game stories or feature stories on particular players, publish stories to the web using a template and basic HTML, and shoot and publish video interviews to the web. The student would also help with production on our radio show and learn how to run the board. Specifically, they would help with our daily coverage of South Carolina's practices, game coverage on Saturdays and our daily production of our radio show, "The Zone" on ESPN Radio 93.1 FM. I am personally the publisher of the website while Duane Everett is the owner and producer of the radio show, and we work together on both as partners. We would be interested in two interns if possible and due to the nature of all we do, we can actually be very versatile in what we have the intern doing -- in other words if they're more interested in one aspect of the business, we can tailor the internship to them.

Skills Required for Internship:
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