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Available Internships


717 Lady Street, Suite H
Columbia, SC 20201

Name: Dean Schuster
Title: Partner 
Phone: 803-252-9896 ext. 113

Type of Organization:
 Agency  Media Organization  Governmental Agency  Educational  Not-For-Profit  Manufacturer, Retailer or Service  Other

Major Recommended for Position : 
 Advertising  Public Relations  Visual Communications  Broadcast Journalism  Print Journalism  Mass Communications Concentration


Spring Fall Summer

Duties of Intern:
Description A Web Intern at truematter is responsible for the creation of online visual design assets for Web sites, Intranets, and Web applications. A Web Design Intern will primarily serve as a production designer, and will prepare graphics and/or perform maintenance updates. Responsibilities • Create Web graphics according to directions and documentation. • Work closely with other team members. • Adhere to strict organization of all digital project assets. • Focus on increasing skills and knowledge. • Meet all project deadlines without exception. • Maintain agreed-upon work schedule religiously.

Skills Required for Internship:
Qualifications • Pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Journalism or related major. • Ability to produce Web graphics. Familiarity with constraints involved in designing for the Web. • Design talent or potential. • Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator required. • Insatiable curiosity and passion for interactive design and the Web in general. • Willing to quickly learn new tools and approaches. • Able/Willing to work on a PC. • Ability to work on a strict schedule, according to project plans and deadlines. • An online portfolio is desired, but not required. Hours and Trial Period • 10-16 hours/week on site. • 1-week trial period to verify skills and qualifications. Resumé / Contact Truematter 717 Lady Street Suite H Columbia, SC 29201 (803)252-9896 X111