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College of Mass Communications and Information Studies

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School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Today’s journalism is changing at lightning speed, and the same can be said for  advertising, public relations, visual communications and mass communications studies, in other words, all of the majors in our school. The spectrum of opportunities to tell stories with words, photos and video is exploding. Here you’ll explore online news media, digital publishing, social media, microtargeting and viral communication in our classes and in future careers.

Study Programs


Aspiring reporters and editors can choose between journalism and broadcast journalism, or the more broad mass communications major. We also offer majors in advertising and public relations.  Students interested in using illustrative ways to create and share information can study visual communications


Students can begin their graduate education by choosing one of two master's programs in journalism and mass communication. We also offer a joint mass communication and law degree.


Students pursing a doctoral degree may choose our program of study in mass communication.


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