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Online Course: Career for the Future

If you're considering a career in genetic counseling, learn more about the profession and how to best prepare for your graduate education in this online course.

Taught by the genetic counselor faculty of the University of South Carolina Genetic Counseling Program, Genetic Counseling: Career for the Future, is comprised of lectures from genetic counselors, readings from professional literature and practical activities to help broaden your understanding of the profession and prepare for graduate school.

Course topics include genetic counseling as a health care profession, including an introduction to various arenas of genetic counseling including prenatal, pediatric, cancer and adult. Introductions to clinical, laboratory and research roles, understanding the counselor-patient relationship, exploration of ethical issues and other hot topics, as well as strategies for preparing for graduate education.

Course Format

The course is offered online over a 12-week period with two to three hours of self-paced activity per week. Upon completion, you’ll receive a continuing education certificate to add to your resume. There are no prerequisites for the course. Designed as an in-depth exploration of genetic counseling, the course will demonstrate your commitment to genetic counselor education at the same time you become savvy about the profession and considerations for graduate school.


Now Enrolling for Fall 2018-19
Genetic Counseling: Career for the Future

Fall Sessions:
Aug. 20 – Nov. 11, 2018
Sept. 10 – Dec. 2, 2018

Spring Session:
Jan. 7 - March 31, 2019



What Students are Saying

"One of my reasons for taking this course was to feel inspired every week and gain further insight into the field of genetic counseling as I prepare for applications, and that is definitely happening! I really appreciate the range of assignments and I think it's a good combination to help structure our learning."

"The workload required for this course is not overwhelming and it has been really fun and interesting. Each week gets me more and more excited for the profession and has really been adding to my drive to become a genetic counselor. I have learned so much already about the little nuances of genetic counseling that I wasn't previously aware of. I am very thankful that you are offering this course and I am so glad that I signed up."

"The work load is just right. Everything we have done has made me more and more excited about working towards my career as a genetic counselor."

"I can tell that you have put a lot of time and effort into making this course as informative, up-to-date, and engaging as an in-person class."

"It's fun to communicate with so many people with different backgrounds. Everyone shares their different experiences and I am constantly learning."

"I've enjoyed reading the articles and responding to others on the discussion board. The videos have been so insightful --hearing from genetic counselors, learning about their jobs, and what excites them has been very meaningful to me."

"With all of the information being online, I can start and stop the work as I please and always find time to do the readings and activities for the week. I really enjoy that the fact that the information comes from such a variety of resources...especially resources that I would have never known about otherwise. All of the articles, websites and videos have been so informative and learning more information about the field has deepened my passion for genetic counseling!"

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