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Welcome to the student body at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville! On my USCSOMG, you should find most of the information you will need prior to matriculating at the end of July.


M1 Orientation will be July 2018

Student Handbook
Please review the Student Handbook [pdf] prior to Orientation day.

Photograph for Orientation
During orientation we like to get to know everyone through a photograph of their choosing. Please submit a photo that you feel represents you. It can be a photo of you, your family, your pet, your summer vacation, anything that you think is a good introduction of you to your classmates, faculty and staff. We’ll take some time at the beginning of orientation to allow everyone to introduce themselves and explain how their picture is a representation of them.

All students are required to complete Computer Based Training modules (CBT’s) annually. Please look for more information from the Admissions Coordinators on how to log in and complete trainings prior to Orientation.



You must provide their own laptop computers. Please review our computer requirements and suggestions [pdf] for the best educational experience.

Students will need to purchase their own stethoscopes prior to starting school; a small stock should be available for purchase during orientation. The only requirement is that the stethoscope must be 2-sided (bell & diaphragm).  There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Consider purchasing the Littman Classic or Littman Cardiology III which usually cost $70 - $170. Anything in this price range will be sufficient.

One white coat will be provided to each member of the class. You will be measured for this at orientation. Your coat will be presented at the White Coat Ceremony. If you wish to purchase an additional coat, you may do so during orientation.



Incoming students are required to submit a USCSOMG Immunization and Health Record form [pdf] to the GHS Office of Employee Health & Wellness.  This form is due by June 2018.

Refer Questions to GHS Employee Health & Wellness: 864-455-4208

Submit Forms:
Fax to: 864-455-6245
Mail to: Employee Health & Wellness
Attn: Gina Wallis/Employee Health
701 Grove Road
Greenville, SC 29605


Information Form

In order to complete your student record and ensure that you are provided necessary credentials for the school of medicine and hospital, you must complete the Incoming Student Information Form, if you have not already done so.



Please submit a Final Official Transcript to the Office of Admissions for any course work that was not complete at the time of your AMCAS application submission.  Final Transcripts should indicate your receipt of a degree (Bachelor's, Masters, etc) if one was expected to be completed prior to matriculation.  These can be mailed to:

Office of Admissions
USC School of Medicine Greenville
607 Grove Road
Greenville, SC 29605

Email with questions.


USC Email Address

You should be able to log in to Self Service Carolina, using your VIP ID number to set up your USC email address. If you have issues, please contact USC’s service desk at (803) 777-1800 or


Gym Membership

Students at USCSOMG are provided a PATH membership. This membership provides access to the GHS Life Center as well as Greenville YMCA facilities. Please complete the membership form [pdf] and health history form [pdf]. Please return both forms to the Office of Student Affairs prior to orientation in order to ensure your membership begins immediately.


Housing & Roommates

The Office of Student Affairs has compiled a list of possible housing opportunities. It is the responsibility of the student to determine whether or not housing is appropriate for them.

We can also assist in finding a roomate by providing a spreadsheet that is distrubited weekly with contact information for other students looking for roommates. You may contact the Office of Student Affairs at any point to be added or removed from the roommate search list and for the list of housing opportunities.