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Darla Moore School of Business

CPA Exam Success

Passing the CPA exam is an important milestone in your career, and our focus is on your exam success — not just preparation.

Focus on the Exam

UofSC MACC student's CPA pass rates far exceed the national average. Our students are able and encouraged to study for, sit and pass the exam during their year with us, giving them the opportunity to dive into their career one step ahead.


Tools to Succeed

We give you the flexibility to use the CPA exam review materials that best suit your learning style as well as providing you access to several tools to assist you in passing the exam:

CPA Exam Content Mapping to Curriculum

All of our students receive our mapping of MACC prerequisite courses, core courses and electives that correspond to each of the four sections of the CPA exam. This allows you to plan when to take each section of the exam based on your completion of the courses that cover the relevant content.

Suggested CPA Exam Completion Dates

We provide suggested completion dates for the four sections of the CPA exam based on your desired graduation date. This allows you to spread out the exam across your MACC experience instead of trying to complete all four sections in the summer before you begin your new job.

Becker FastPass

If you want a more structured environment to ensure your timely progression of passing the CPA exam, we offer Becker CPA Exam Review's FastPass. FastPass is a highly focused CPA exam review "boot camp" that concentrates your CPA exam review efforts. Through FastPass, you will begin your first section in January and have completed all four parts of the CPA by the beginning of July.

Access to Free CPA Exam Review Materials

Most firms hiring our MACC students provide CPA exam review materials as a part of their employment offer. If you work for a firm that does not, we provide access to free CPA exam review materials that can be checked out from the MACC library.

Scholarships and Discounts for CPA Exam Review Materials

If you work for a firm that does not provide CPA exam review materials, we provide scholarships that significantly reduce the cost of CPA exam review materials.