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Darla Moore School of Business

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Master of Management and International Business at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland

Global management expertise through the Moore School, design thinking expertise from Aalto

Students participating in this double degree program will spend a year at Aalto University and a year at the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business. After completing the program, a student will hold two official master’s degrees: the Master of International Business from USC and the Management and International Business degree from Aalto. USC students attending Aalto have the opportunity to specialize in design thinking which encompasses such areas as design driven innovation, sustainability, creative business model design, and product development. Students may also choose to specialize in one or two of the following fields: human resource management, management strategy and sustainability management.

Aalto University was founded in Helsinki, Finland, on a commitment to integrated thinking that blends the best of business/economics, art/design and engineering into graduate programming to prepare future business leaders for complex, dynamically evolving environments around the world. It is the recognized leader in design thinking in Europe and has established affiliate relationships through design factories in Korea, Portugal, the Netherlands, Chile, Australia and elsewhere. Through a commitment to multi-disciplinary project teams and close partnering with businesses, non-governmental organizations and governments around the world, students are prepared to lead organizations in developing new products, services and systems to improve profitability, user satisfaction and community enhancement. Finland is known globally for its remarkable design heritage. This heritage is now applied across business and society in exciting ways through Aalto University’s programming.

The Moore School of Business at USC is well known for its excellence in international business and its belief that understanding and leveraging local context and institutions is the key to business strategy formulation, execution and performance. The South Carolina Creative Cluster is the group of firms operating throughout the state with concentration in the Charleston region focused on design as a key pillar of competitive success. Given the key nature of international business for our state (highest per capita foreign direct investment; highest proportion of the workforce employed in international business and trade; location of critical deep water port for global trade), many South Carolina firms leverage design thinking for developing goods and services for global market success. These firms eagerly work with Moore School students as interns and with graduates as team members in designing successful strategies for global business.

The Aalto partnership was developed to integrate a focus on successful management practices globally through USC with design thinking expertise brought by Aalto. This integrated program is further enhanced by a close coupling of our academic programming with experiential learning opportunities that are co-created by the academic institutions and a cadre of local organizations (firms, nonprofits, public sector agencies) in Europe and South Carolina that are critical actors in creative industries and practice in each economic arena. This unique partnership model with a leading academic institution and with organizational partners in practice can help further differentiate our MIB program and attract a new class of students to this program. This program will further bolster our standing as South Carolina’s flagship business school, serving the essential economic development needs of our state.

For more information on the Master of Management and International Business and Aalto University, visit the program website.