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Darla Moore School of Business

Ph.D. Students on the Job Market


Kara Bentley, Marketing Department

Research Interests: Memory; Social Context: Experiential Consumption.   Accepted a position at Chapman University  


Ruiyuan Chen, International Business Department

Research Interests: Corporate Governance; Privatization; State Ownership; International Finance; Banking.   Accepted position at West Virginia University


Chia-Chun Chiang, Finance Department

Research Interests: Risk Management and Insurance; Financial Markets and Institutions; Fixed Income Markets.


Ormonde Cragun, Management Department

Research Interests: Executive Succession; Strategic Human Capital Resources; Strategic Human Resource Management; Compensation; Top Management Teams.


Erin Hawkins, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Auditor Judgment and Decision Making; Auditor-Client Interactions; Auditor-Auditor Interactions; Neuroaccounting.   Accepted a position at Clemson University

Li Huang photo

Li Huang, Marketing Department

Research Interests:  Social Identity and Consumer memory; Social Sharing and Words-of-Mouth; Social Media Marketing and Consumer Brand Relationships.   Accepted position at Hofstra University


Erin McKie, Management Science Department

Research Interests: Sustainable Operations; Environmental Regulations; Closed-Loop Supply Chains; Data Analytics; Cross Disciplinary Research; Operations and Marketing Interface; Simulation and Case Based Teaching Methods.   Accepted a position at Ohio State University


Ashleigh Eldemire Poindexter, Finance Department

Research Interests: Empirical Corporate Finance; Fixed Income Securities; Capital Structure.   Accepted a position at the University of Tennessee


Minseok Park, Management Science Department

Research Interests: Behavioral Operations Management; Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Coordination and Contracts; Operations and Manufacturing Interface.   Accepted position at Salisbury University


Ettore Spadafora, International Business Department

Research Interests: Determinants and Consequences of International Diversification; Influence of Cultural and Institutional Distance on Firms’ Behavior; Organizational Responses to Institutional Complexity.   Accepted a position at Rochester Institute of Technology


Michael Ulrich, Management Department

Research Interests: How HR can be leveraged by organizations to improve firm performance; behavior of top management teams, including team composition and turnover.   Accepted position at Utah State University

O.Yilmaz photo

Ovunc Yilmaz, Management Science Department

Research Interests:  Revenue Management and Pricing; Strategic Consumer Behavior; Operations/Marketing Interface.   Accepted position at the University of Notre Dame


Ying Zheng, International Business Department

Research Interests: Corporate Social Responsibility; Financial Distress; Capital Structure; Institutions.   Accepted position at Bryant University