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Darla Moore School of Business

Scholarships and Awards

Applicants for undergraduate business scholarships must complete the Undergraduate Scholarship Application and submit it electronically through the Darla Moore School of Business Application Center. The application deadline for 2016-2017 scholarships was Feb. 24, 2016. We are not currently accepting addition scholarship applications for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Application instructions

Please complete the Scholarship Application in its entirety. You are required to upload a resume and answer the supplemental questions regarding your career goals and community service involvement. Thoroughly completing the optional questions and high school information will assist the awarding process.

New applicants

Moore School departmental scholarships are competitive and limited. The number and amount of scholarships awarded vary and are subject to funds available. Students receiving awards are expected to have high GPAs and exemplary records of achievement. While a number of factors are considered, the majority of Moore School scholarships are based on academic performance. An applicant must have a minimum of 15 USC semester credits, maintain a 3.0 USC GPA and be currently enrolled in the Moore School to be eligible for a scholarship. All new applicants will be reviewed for all scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Renewal applicants

Current recipients of Darla Moore School of Business scholarships (2015-2016 academic year) must reapply to be considered for the 2016-2017 academic year. Scholarships are not automatically renewed.

Please note that awarding a scholarship amount of $500 or more only reduces tuition by the dollar amount and does not result in overall tuition reduction unless an academic unit elects to participate. The school has participated in the tuition reduction in the past, but due to budgetary constraints, the Moore School no longer participates in tuition reduction.

General guidelines

The following guidelines have been adopted by the Moore School Scholarship Committee:

  • Recipients must be full-time students enrolled in the Moore School on the Columbia campus.
  • Academic merit is the primary consideration.
  • Scholarships may include other selection criteria as specified by donors, such as class standing, major, residency or financial need.

Recipients who transfer from the Moore School to another college lose their Moore School scholarship. Other scholarships may be available through USC's Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Only current Moore School students are eligible to apply for Moore School scholarships.

Notification of scholarship status

Recipients will receive an email indicating whether they have been awarded a scholarship. Students who have been selected for scholarships will be notified in the email of the name of the scholarship they have been awarded and the award amount. The email will be sent to the email address listed on the recipient’s scholarship application. Scholarship awards for 2016-2017 will be announced on or around June 15, 2016.