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Darla Moore School of Business

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Business at Moore

The Business at Moore program is designed for high-achieving, rising high school seniors who are under-represented in business and have expressed an interest in pursuing a business degree. Participants live on campus for a week, enabling them to explore the many opportunities available to them with a business degree and to experience college life. It also gives participants a chance to meet other high school students from throughout the state, as well as current Moore School students and faculty.

2017 Business at Moore Summer Program

In 2017, the Business at Moore summer program hosted 40 student participants instead of the usual 30.  The increased numbers made for a great learning experience, more valuable input and an incredibly successful program! 

Students from South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia shared a valuable learning experience and engaged in friendly competition as they sought to design a product or service that could be successfully marketed on or around a college campus.  They then presented their ideas to a panel of judges and an audience of their peers, parents and Moore School alums, faculty and staff as if pitching their ideas to potential investors.

The end results were impressive!  Team 6, led by counselor and Moore School undergraduate Kayla Werts, won first place with UPark, an infrared parking sensor combined with an app that lets subscribers know the location of available parking spaces.  The team included Alice Bowie of Irmo High School, Martin Federico of Dunwoody High School, Nicolas Jean-Gilles of Hammond High School, Lauren Martin of Hickory Ridge High School, and Andrea Sprattling of Marlboro County High School.

Team 4, consisting of counselor Charlize Melendez and student participants Annaliese Bennett from Brashier Middle College, Moneta Dunn from Dreher High School, Jayla Hill, from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, Justis Malker from Indian Land High School and Kenisha Robinson from Southside High School, took second place with SIP, a disposable, recyclable cup with the ability to detect date rape drugs if they are added to a drink.  Not only would the product let potential victims know when they were targeted, but it would also aid the bars using them in being marked as "safe" bars for patrons.

Team1, consisting of counselor Bruce Davis and student participants Sebastian Alvarado fro Riverside High School, Denae Clowers from Westlake High School, Amanda Harris from J.L. Mann High School, Stephan Kasper from Wilson High School and Simon Penso from Cardinal Newman High School, came in third place with the Budgie, a real-time translator worn like a headset that would translate foreign languages in the moment, making immediate conversations possible regardless of potential language barriers.

All of the ideas from the 2017 program were exceptional and all of our students participants were impressive.

2018 Business at Moore Summer Program

The application for the 2018 Business at Moore summer program will be available in January.  Watch this site for a link to the 2018 application and for more information about the program. High School guidance counselors should also receive information about the program and hard copy applications in January. 

Thanks to our program sponsor, Wells Fargo, this program is available at no cost to students. Through the program's classes and activities, the students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the essentials of how a business operates
  • Learn how executives make business decisions
  • Find out what types of jobs are available in business
  • Talk with and learn from USC students, faculty and local business executives
  • Explore the opportunities a degree in business can provide

In addition to attending business classes and working on a group project, students experience campus life by living in the dorms, sharing meals on- and off-campus and exploring some of the local entertainment venues.

Students who attend the Wells Fargo Business at Moore summer program and later enroll in the University of South Carolina as business majors are eligible to apply for renewable, four-year scholarships available through the Darla Moore School of Business and various Moore School alumni who have established scholarships for BAM students.

Students interested in applying to the program should be of a demographic group under-represented in business, have a strong academic background and be considering business as a field of study and future career. Applications should hold a GPA of no less than 3.0 and a PSAT/SAT score of no less than 1100. PLAN/ACT scores are also accepted, with a composite score of no less than 19.

Want more information? Call us at 803-777-0170 or email Cynthia Parker at