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Darla Moore School of Business


An intern from the Darla Moore School of Business will help boost your company's productivity and accelerate the completion of important projects. We have interns in a variety of distinguished programs ready to serve you.  

Many companies use internships to “try out” prospective talent for future full-time employment. If your company is not yet recruiting at the Moore School, we'd like to change that. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 51.7 percent of interns will continue to work for the company full-time after graduation. These former interns show a higher five-year retention rate in comparison to other new hires. Invest in your company today. 

Let us help you recruit, structure and post positions on the Moore School’s online recruiting system, Handshake. Employer access is free. Create an account and post your opportunities today.

Undergraduate Student Interns

Business undergraduates in all majors seek spring/summer opportunities in the United States and abroad. We invite you to learn more about undergraduate business majors including global supply chain as well as Moore’s ground-breaking program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Consider hosting an American or Hong Kong Chinese International Business Chinese Enterprise junior — all have both Chinese and English language skills and will complete their senior year in Hong Kong next year following their internship assignments in the United States.

To connect with our undergraduate business internship manager, please contact Hunter Looper  at

Graduate Student Interns

Graduate students in the International MBA and Master of Human Resources programs require an internship to graduate.

If you are in need of a Master of Human Resources intern for a human resources assignment, contact Amy Dawson for more information at

If you are considering an International MBA intern in the United States or abroad where graduate students can use their language and business skills, please contact Cynthia Wharton at