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School of Music

Spark: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory

Spark Topic Weeks

Each semester, Spark schedules a week focused on a relevant topic packed with workshops, consultations and more.

Portfolio Week: Physical and Digital Promotion That Works

October 12-16, 2015

sessions (scheduled 1:10-2:00 pm)
Stream A: Physical, Promotion - room 006
      Oct. 12: Photos, Logos and Posters:
Joshua Aaron Photography, David Hunt, Ellen Woodoff
      Oct. 14: Resumes/CVs:
Star Jamison, Sara Ernst, Meredith Buttler
      Oct. 16: Cover Letters:
Alicia Walker, Andy Gowan, Rebecca Nagel

Stream B: Digital Promotion - Recital Hall
      Oct. 12: Digital Marketing Strategies and Channels:
Andrew Hitz
      Oct. 14: Social Media Strategy:
Andrew Hitz
      Oct. 16: Virtuoso Website Design:
David Cutler, Mike LaRoche, John Fitz Rogers

Marketing Consultations
Oct. 12-15
Individual consultations with a digital marketing guru, Andrew Hitz, on websites and social media. $5 refundable deposit required.

Subsidized Photo Sessions
Oct. 15-16
Included: Shots with and without instruments; your choice of two digital photos with retouching
Who: USC music students and faculty
How Long: Approximately 20 minutes per session. Please show up 10 minutes early
How Much: $25 (payment made at time of sign-up)
Photographer: Joshua Aaron Photography

Marketing/Photo Sessions require advance sign-up. Cash and check accepted, no credit cards. Sign up with Meredith Buttler in room 125.

The Power of Words: Written Communication

February 22-26, 2016

sessions (scheduled 1:10-2:00 pm)
Mon., Feb. 22:
      The Art of Writing Well - Recital Hall

Wed., Feb. 24 (simultaneous sessions)
      Program Notes and Concert Reviews - Recital Hall
      Scholarly Writing - room 006

Fri., Feb. 26 (simultaneous sessions)
      Career Options for Musician/Writers - room 006
      Professional Communication - Recital Hall

Writing Consultations
Writing consultant(s) available to meet with students throughout the week.