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School of Music

  • SAVVY 2017

The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge

The world's leading experiential entrepreneurship workshop for musicians, performing artists and educators (formerly known as The SAVVY Musician in Action).

June 4-9, 2017 - Columbia, SC

This summer, invest in YOUR success

•  Maximize income while pursuing work you love
•  Increase demand for your skills
•  Master business-oriented tools that allow you to thrive
•  Discover the new winners in the 21st-century paradigm
•  Keep your art relevant in today’s complex and ever-changing landscape
•  Explore arts entrepreneurship teaching tools

The SAVVY experience

The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge is an immersive, experiential workshop designed to help musicians, performing artists, educators and others generate more income and impact. Attendees pitch arts-based business ideas, vote on favorites, form teams, develop business/financial/marketing skills, design a venture from the ground up, and compete for awards. Throughout this process, they develop invaluable, transferable success skills applicable to a wide range of arts careers and environments.

SAVVY is not about passively observing lectures but rather learning through doing. Coached by world-class faculty, participants work hard and collaboratively in a safe environment that fosters community, big ideas and getting things done. As a bonus, enjoy delicious Southern cuisine!

Whether hoping to boost your career, earn more money, expand your reach, or transform an organization, SAVVY will prove pivotal. In just one week, change your life!


Register online.