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School of Music

  • 2019 SAVVY

Participant Profile

SAVVY accepts a diverse mosaic of 75 performing/visual artists and arts administrators.

Why should YOU get SAVVY?

Some individuals attend SAVVY with hopes of turbocharging their career. Others come to develop strategies for making their home organization more effective. Still others wish to experience our unique brand of innovation pedagogy. All share the desire to positively impact a complex and quickly changing world.

What makes a strong SAVVY candidate?

Good SAVVY candidates meet this criteria:

  • Involved with the arts - Performing and visual art makers, arts administrators, and arts educators (all genres).
  • Superpower - Dynamic, driven, positive, committed, collaborative individuals. We work to build a remarkable community devoted to expanding the impact of the arts.
  • Desire for Growth - We seek open-minded candidates eager to develop new skills and perspectives. If there are gaps in your background, be forewarned – you will learn!

Who will be there?

An essential SAVVY ingredient is our commitment to assembling a notably diverse mosaic of participants. Alumni enthusiastically insist that this experience changes their vision for 21st-century success. It also results in a rich network offering future support and friendship.

The SAVVY roster carefully balances creative artists and arts administrators, as both groups are critical to reimagining the future of the arts. The varied makeup of our community becomes a powerful asset, unleashing creative energy unachievable with homogenous groups.

To that end, we carefully curate our participant roster, balancing a variety of:

  • Artistic disciplines - Producers and teachers of music, dance, theatre, puppetry, circus, visual arts, media arts, creative writing – we’ve even had mimes.
  • Institution types - Various professionals representing orchestras, performing arts troupes, museums, universities, for-profit arts ventures, educational programs, freelance careers, etc.
  • Experience levels - SAVVY is a melting pot, celebrating diversity on every level, from emerging artists to established professionals to students to organizational leaders. We find that each group brings unique and valuable perspectives.
  • Ages - Past participants have ranged from age 18–70.
  • Geographies - Alumni from our first five seasons represent almost every U.S. state and five continents.