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School of Music

  • 2017 SAVVY

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Participant Profile

Because the SAVVY experience is interactive and team-oriented, it is essential that we engage vibrant, pro-active participants. We work overtime to accept a diverse and dynamic group, including music/arts:

  • Students - The best time to learn business and professional skills is when you're still in school. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in collegiate programs (music, theatre, dance, etc.) with a strong interest in the arts, are encouraged to apply.
  • Educators/faculty - Educators from any music or performing arts discipline are welcome. Faculty members typically participate to develop skills that can be incorporated into their institutions as well as personal careers.
  • Emerging / established professionals - Whatever your discipline or current level of success, the SAVVY experience teaches skills that help you achieve more, earn more and increase impact.
  • Administrators/industry employees - Independent thinkers develop strategies and innovative approaches to impact their professional lives.

Some individuals attend SAVVY with hopes of turbocharging their career. Others come to develop strategies for making their home organization more innovative. Still others wish to experience our unique brand of entrepreneurship pedagogy. All share the desire to positively impact a complex and quickly changing world.

Past participants have ranged from ages 18-70, representing almost every U.S. state and five continents. No experience necessary; all experience welcome.

Your background

What if I don’t have a business background?

Wonderful! The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge is not designed for MBAs. We speak your language and present concepts in a user-friendly manner. If you have no or little prior business background, be forewarned – you will learn!

What if I have substantial business background?

Outstanding! Because The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge requires teams to build a new business, any and all experiences you bring to the table are invaluable assets.

The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge seeks certain attributes in all attendees:

  • Positive attitude - Studies have shown that optimists achieve greater success. We believe this is one of the most exciting times for artists and arts organizations and seek positive people committed to making a meaningful difference through the arts.
  • Hard worker - Success in the arts requires a strong work ethic. SAVVY is a transformative, intense and immersive experience.