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Entrepreneurship Workshop

SAVVY Scholarships

We have a dual goal when selecting the roster of SAVVY participants. On one hand our experiential model demands bright, ambitious, and diverse contributors. At the same time, our mission is to make the greatest impact, and to attract participants who will benefit most from our unique training.

Understanding that short-term financial concerns are sometimes a barrier to individuals who could benefit most from SAVVY, we have an exciting announcement for the 2016 program. SAVVY will award at least 50 full scholarships on a competitive basis.

There are two opportunities to submit a scholarship application. The priority round's deadline is January 26, 2016. The second round's deadline is March 1, 2016. Final round's deadline is April 1, 2016. Please only submit an application to one of the rounds, as double submissions will be eliminated from the competition.

Step 1 - Compile Application Materials
The following materials are required. The question answers may be copy and pasted directly into the application form or uploaded as individual PDFs.
  1. Question 1. PAST AND PRESENT. Why will you make a great SAVVY participant? What is most exciting about you and the potential you bring to teams and our community. Feel free to site past and current projects as evidence. (400 words max)
  2. Question 2. FUTURE. What are your top professional aspirations and how do you hope SAVVY will help? (400 word max)
  3. Elevator Pitch Video. Submit a 1-minute maximum video describing an innovative arts-based business idea with potential to generate income and impact. More information can be found here.
Step 2 - Registration Fee
All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $25 application fee. Pay the fee first and make note of your transaction number.
Step 3 - Complete Application
Complete the 2016 SAVVY scholarship application form. Please note, you will be required to enter your registration fee transaction number as well as all information compiled in Step 1.
Step 4 - Await Results
Review for priority submissions begins January 27, 2016.
Review for second round submissions begins March 2, 2016.
Review for final round submissions begins April 2, 2016.

Notification will be sent to all applicants within three weeks of review start date.

Applicants receive email notification that they are 1) accepted, 2) wait listed, or 3) not accepted for the 2016 workshop.
Step 5 - Make Payment
All accepted participants receive a full tuition scholarship ($725 value) to attend 2016 SAVVY Musician in Action workshop.

To reserve your spot, the required $250 Meal/Supply Fee must be paid in full within three weeks of acceptance. This due date will be indicated on your acceptance email. If full payment is not made within this time frame, you may lose your spot. To request an extension, email

If you are interested in reserving accommodations through USC, payment should be made by May 15, 2016.
Step 6 - Get Ready to Get SAVVY
We will be in touch with additional information about a month before SAVVY begins. Get ready to change your life!