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School of Music

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Thursday — Entrepreneurial mindset and tools

Today’s events take place in the amazing Tapp’s Arts Center, itself an entrepreneurial arts business. We break the ice with a number of interactive games and networking activities that teach transferrable skills. After learning about business model design, participants have one minute to pitch an arts-based initiative with potential to generate revenue and impact (developed before the retreat).

During a happy hour, attendees vote on their favorite projects and form teams of four to eight members. That evening, the winners of our Chamber Ensemble Competition perform as part of First Thursday on Main, a Columbia-based arts event.

Friday — Business development

Up to 10 teams begin designing their arts-based venture. Participants go to “Business School”(don’t worry, it’s all for musicians!) to learn about customer research, product development and financial issues.

Additional activities include “Overtures” (short presentations by Thought Leaders), “TeamTime”(group work), “TeachTime” (participants explain concepts to teammates), “Expert Expo” (interact with authorities on a number of topics), and “Consultations”(Thought Leaders assist teams).

Saturday — Marketing and presentation development

Teams continue working on their projects, turning attention to marketing, social media and presentation strategies. In addition to the types of activities from Friday, teams partner with visual artists to help them design project exhibits.

Sunday — Arts Venture Challenge

During the Arts Venture Challenge, teams give five-minute presentations followed by Q & A from the jury. This is a bit like “Shark Tank,” only friendlier and more educational. Judges provide feedback and announce winners. Participants, faculty, judges and guest VIPs from the community enjoy a banquet lunch together.

In the afternoon, the entire group reflects on lessons learned and how to apply principles to their own careers and organizations. The Savvy Musician in ACTION concludes with a reflection session followed by an optional networking event.