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“I got more out of these four days than all the other "corporate" training I've had over the last 35 years.”  – Walter Martin, saxophonist; founder/president, NC Saxophone Ensemble

“This past weekend was a truly transformative experience for me! It felt great to be surrounded and inspired by you and all the amazing people that were involved in The Savvy Musician in Action!”  – Christina Vlad, pianist and DMA candidate

“The retreat was inspirational and just all-around terrific. I was very impressed by how well thought out the whole event was – from beginning to end, every activity/lecture had purpose and continuum. Bravo!”  – Dylan Savage, Associate Professor of Piano

“The retreat was a great opportunity for me to work with people who I wouldn't normally work with. Thanks for your vision to help us musicians realize our goals and dreams. It was a very inspiring four days and definitely an experience I will not soon forget!”  – Brian Quinian, jazz guitarist, undergraduate music major

“I was totally blown away with what the students accomplished in such a short period of time! It was also quite a learning experience for myself.”  – Justin Kantor, founder of Le Poisson Rouge, 2013 SMIA Thought Leader

“This week far exceeded my expectations, and they were very high coming in!”  – Pam Murchison, flutist, adjunct professor

“Every musician/artist needs this. Seriously…”  – Eric Damashek, hornist with C Street Brass (2013 SMIA Chamber Ensemble Competition winners)

“Blown away (and exhausted)!”  – Tom Childs, composer and public school teacher

“Collaboration is clearly awesome with the right people. I will be much more able to delegate and relinquish control now that I’ve had this experience.”  – anonymous survey comment

“Best retreat I’ve attended. This was amazing AND life changing.”  – Sean Kleve, percussionist with Clocks in Motion (2013 SMIA Chamber Ensemble Competition runner up)

“I had no previous business background and this experience really helped me develop in that area. Really enjoyed the overall experience!”  – Brittany Helton, hornist, recent music school graduate

“This was an incredible experience in more ways than I can write here. I was challenged, inspired, encouraged and pushed to the edge from day one. Every single moment reinforced valuable lessons.”  – Clarinetist with Quintet Sirocco (2013 SMIA Chamber Ensemble Competition runner up)

“This program gave me an immeasurable number of ideas to use with my students and my own career.”  – anonymous survey comment

“Provided me with a concrete way to approach the seemingly lofty and crazy ideas I sometimes have.”  – Jaya Varma, violinist and arts administrator

“Through SMIA, I have realized that this kind of entrepreneurship is imperative as a skill in furthering my career as a musician.”  – anonymous survey comment